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    NSR recruit courses are "Dry", there is no drinking while you are a recruit so hangover cures are NOT required
    no drinking in the mess maybe, but the launch always provides welcome relief. The dry course for recruits is only a new idea in the last couple of years anyway. You can drink away at sea once at anchor leading to certain ships acquiring the title of "floating pub".

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      Originally posted by morpheus
      Any chance you have a link to that army recruit camp list?

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        FCA Recruit camps have been dry in 11Bn for two years


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          Whats the story with Knives for recruit training? Is the state issuing them yet? Opinel used to be the best for ropework,but I have seen leatherman and Gerber in use a lot lately.
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            The stores will not issue rigging kits as yet to us, the cost is prohibitive at approx €50.
            Some buy their own. A rigging kit has three tools,
            1. A knife, this knife has no tip - it is rounded so it is harder to stab yourself, your lifejacket or the searider. It's blade is approx 100mm long 25mm broad.
            2. A pliars
            3. A marlinspike.
            I know someone is going to ask so;
            A marlinspike is a steel rod about 180mm long with a flattened end that has a long eye or opening in it. Designed for splicing where it is used much like a needle and also untying siezed knots it finds hundreds of other uses from opening tins of paint to punching holes in things that need holes punched in them.
            The three are worn in one leather scabbard around the waist or over the shoulder if in a typhoon suit.

            It's half the price af a leatherman and will last for decades.

            The Opinel and leatherman are IMHO next to useless because they require 2 handed operation. When you REALLY need your knife you need it very fast and you're usually hanging onto something at the time.

            Do not bring non-issue knives to the base during your recruits course, they are prohibited as a rule because this gives carte blanche to any nutter to bring any collection of cutlery they want to.
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              thanks for the army recruit link!
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                Damn, here's me with a Victorinox Skipper knife, and I can't bring it......oh well.
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                  Originally posted by Slacker View Post
                  Damn, here's me with a Victorinox Skipper knife, and I can't bring it......oh well.
                  Anyone out there with an updated list for recruit training? It's been only 14 years since the original thread!

                  I'm assuming the course is still dry (a good thing in my book)?