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  • mystery

    In october of 1967 two ratings were returning from a nights drinking and were proceeding back to their bunks on the first floor of the old billets in haulbowline.

    For the uninitiated these have two outdoor stairwells.One at the NCOs mess end and one at the ratings Mess end. The Stairwell at the NCOS mess end overlooked the back yard of the NCOs mess.The night was wet and it was raining heavily.

    The next morning the body of one of the ratings was found in the yard of the NCOs mess. By all appearances he had fallen to his death.

    The staairwell was protected by a wall four feet high.

    A verdict of accidental death was recorded and the dead mans body was interned in his home town.

    the Younger brother of the deceased joined the NSjoined the NS to find out more what had happened to his brother...but the companion of the deceased had left the naval service.

    The brother of Deceased served 25 years and left the service without without finding out anymore about his brothers death.
    He left the country and this year on his return he had a man call to his front door wanting to know where his older brother ws buried so as he could pay his respects and leave a wreath at the grave.he claimed to be the second party mentioned in the report but also claimed that he was not with the deceased on the night in question and claimed that he was on predischarge leave and was not on the island at the time.

    Why did this man go to so much effort to track down the brother of deceased and why did he go to such lenghts as to point out that he was not present on the night in question?

    What did actually happen to the rating in question?

    How did he end up in the back yard of the NCOs mess?

    Was there a cover up?

    I have been aware of the incident for some years but it is only in the last week that I have been made aware of the final part of the story?

    I know the name s of all the parties involved but cannot post them here for legal reasons!

    has anybody else heard of this incident.?

    Views would be appreciated!

    If you do not want to post on the subject please PM me with your thoughts.

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