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    Originally posted by na grohmiti View Post
    There used to be one female officer in Dublin NSR. As a ratio of the total officer strength, that seems like enough. Also, did any female NCO apply? No gender balance unless there are suitably diverse applicant.
    Defo one female NSR officer in one of WUNSR/CUNSR/LUNSR. She was on the parade for the 90th Anniversary of the RDF
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      I can't speak for units other than my own but you can only put someone on a course if they are available, willing and able. The fact the course was all male may be more a reflection of the current demographic within the NSR rather than a preference towards men. In fact I'll clarify that the process is 100% gender neutral.

      In my unit for example we have no females at A/B rank (Private 3*) or above.


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        Originally posted by DeV View Post
        Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Limerick
        Sorry, that was a reply to Fantasia with tongue in cheek, asking where (and why?) the NSR had vanished to in terms of numbers compared with 10 years go?

        The greater the number the greater chance of gender balance.


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          Did a SIC2 course with some of the newly commissioned gentlemen, seemed pretty switched on and really dedicated to the NSR cause.
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            We are getting off topic, partly my fault, best of luck to them into the future.