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    This is new. Built in Netherlands not yet used, intended for the run from North Africa to Spain. Up to now the drug runners have been using "cigarette boats" large ribs or motor boats with up to 8 large HP outboards stuck on their widened stern.
    First the Spanish customs got faster boats, then they got helicopters.
    This must be the drug gangs plan b.
    German 1: Private Schnutz, I have bad news for you.
    German 2: Private? I am a general!
    German 1: That is the bad news.


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      As regards Hull Vanes or Wedges, I would wait to see operational outcomes. I would also like to see it evaluated in ship survival modes such as a stiff Nor'wester with a long climb from Blaskets to Donegal Bay. I am wary of anything that creates a permanent down by the head trim. Cheating at Yachting or F1 motoring doesn't necessarily match sea-going requirements at all speeds . In storms you are at heave to speeds which in itself is a big reduction in consumption. In MN they are looking at specifying HP allowances for ships based on tonnages. Naval vessels need power for operational reasons to cover sprint or cruise.