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Foreign Warships in Irish Waters

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  • Foreign Warships in Irish Waters

    Actually I just thought that what I originally posted here might be considered asking for operational info and I don't want more points against me.So I'll rearrange the grammar of the post.

    Goldiefish mentions in the Air Corps forums that he heard rumours the Americans might park a carrier of the west coast during GWB visit.Since this may be done for running CAPs of it what do YOU think the INS should be doing about it if its in territorial waters?
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    If you mean to get rid of them? not a lot really, we only have 8 ships as it is... t'would be a shame to lose the fleet :D

    If you mean to help security wise? Im sure I read somewhere that they travel in carrier "fleets" and that there will probably be a submarine or two remaining offshore and out of sight.

    I doubt our ships 76mm OTO Melaras or Bofors would be of much complement to their fleets own weapons. Besides we have enough trouble patrolling the territorial waters and the best (and probably most helpful) support we can offer them is to cover as much of our own back yard as we can on the day.
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      Re: Foreign Warships in Irish Waters

      Originally posted by ForkTailedDevil
      Since this may be done for running CAPs of it what do YOU think the INS should be doing about it if its in territorial waters?
      I suppose trying not to get run over by it might be a good start.


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        I remember seeing JFK arriving off Dun Laoighre...accompanied by one of the PVs. its easy to spot...Its the grey little boat among all the other little boats,that looks like a TUG!
        Chances are the Flight ops would be carried out well outside our Territorial waters,for safety sake,as the carrier needs to cruise at about 30 Kts to safely get planes off the deck,and our west coast is pretty crowded with things like islands,and trawlers...They would however be working in our airspace.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Theres no need to use a carrier for CAP anyways, the 48 FW F-15Es based at Lakenheath can do the job just as easily, and without the bother of moving a carrier. Inflight refuelling and AWACs support are also available locally if necessary.

          Even if there was a carrier involved though, it would be cleared entirely with the Govt, and the NS would have precisely zero interaction if they were conducting flight ops (because they couldn't keep up ) .

          Morpheus, carriers are deployed in CBG (Carrier Battle Groups), with escorts including Ticonderoga class cruisers, Burke DDGs, Perry Frigates and submarines (usually 688 class, but perhaps Seawolf from time to time). I think they can look after themselves.


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            Not long home, so while I'm waiting for the shepherd pie Im doing to cook I'll explain what the original post was about with fewer probing questions.
            I had just wondered if there would be legal implications for the use of a foreign ship in Irish waters, especially a nuclear powered carrier, that was there for the purpose of carrying out armed patrols. It is in a way similar to having the RAF or the Dutch patrolling Irish skies.Posters have said before that if force needed to be used it would have to be authorised by Irish personnel, who some have pointed out don't have the training to make the decision.Would these ships, if inside Irish waters, have to have at least some say in their operation by the INS if they are going to be conducting potentially offensive missions?If not, at least having a carrier there will be great for photo opportunities.You can get the PC-9s up alongside some Hornets in A2A pics, or CASAs and Tomcats or whatever.Don't though let the LE Eithne anywhere near the carrier becasue I can just hear Bertie Ahern talking about how American and Irish aircraft carriers carrying out a successful exercise!
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