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Armament on smaller naval craft

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  • Armament on smaller naval craft

    Since when did HM Customs have cutters with a .50 cal on the fore deck? I've never seen one of those before.

    Si vis pacem para bellum

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    Do they have the right to use such force? I thought that right was the preserve of police and military
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      That actually look's like a 20mm cannon FTD:D


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        It is a crappy drawing but I think its a fifty cal with various attachments.Probably appears like a larger 20mm either due to it being a conceptual drawing by an artist who doesn't now his arse from his arsenal. Anyhow with the way British law enforcement attitude to weapons is at the minute I don't think they would get approval for anything bigger than .50s.
        Anyway, if you need anything bigger than a fifty for law enforcement on a rowboat like that its time to call the Royal Navy as back up. Also would some of the navy people on here agree with me that that boat looks a bit small to safely fire any 20mm cannon and deal with the forces one would generate in firing, even if it did have a suitably reinforced mount?

        The only time I've ever heard of a British law enforcement unit getting anything larger than a G3 is the armed police that are tasked with transport of nuclear material.They have a 20mm cannon available for certain needs.
        Si vis pacem para bellum


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          Doesn't that picture show something like an Oerlikon?


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            In practice their is no weapon fitted to that vessel(HMCS Sentinel),but the newer vessel is fitted with a 7.62mg.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              That weapon is the oerlikon GamBo 20mm mounted on our PVs since 1986..which replaced the older magazine fed Oerlikon as posted by YJ.

              The decks of these boats have to especially stressed to take such weapons. the recoil force of the earlier weapon was 7 tons per square foot.....thence the Deirdre only carried .5 hmgs :D
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