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End in sight for the Peacocks?

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  • End in sight for the Peacocks?

    My source in the dockyard,who has provided me with some gems in the past,informed me that replacments for the Peacocks may come sooner than first thought. And worse,Women are to blame!!

    The legendary crewing arrangments are not suitable for the females in the NS,according to the powers that be. Eager to maximise the available crews at sea the NS are keen to either refit the accomodation (which is no longer practical) or replace the vessels,selling them possibly to the Baltic states are eager to Involve their Naval forces with Nato.
    So you have a great second hand ship market,and ships that need to be replaced,sooner,rather than later.

    Do females regularly crew the Peacocks? I imagine it creates problems.
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    having witnessed the accom for ratings on the peacocks I can't see how women could be practically accomadated aboard them . it would be a disgrace if these ships were to be lost just because a very small minority of the female intake could not be accomadated...... the messing facilities are not intersexual compatible unless the females want to live under such conditions...I believe the canadians take no such diferences into consideration. maybe this maybe the way to go/

    If the ladies want to serve aboard the peacocks maybe they might get used to messing with the men

    Or maybe the Peacock title is somewhat forboding!!
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      I think the women "messing"with the men could be the problem
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        I've heard various stories myself about women serving on RN and USN ships.In the USN cases it was on one of the carriers and resulted in some unplanned pregnancies and also in both cases male sailors kept abandoning their duties to give women a hand to lift heavy items and stuff like that.Are there enough women recruits for an all female crew?
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          No,its about 10% at the moment,but the seniority is not there. They only got their first LS recently. The most senior female is a LT(2 of them)
          Give them one of those new customs type boats....
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            What the problem with the accomodiation on the Peacock's?
            Do females have to have a separate mess in the NS?, why?

            On a separate point, do we need an class of vessel, similar to the Peacocks, or would it be better to replace them with vessels as described in the other threads or something along the lines of the Niamh.
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              The Problem I believe with the Peacocks is the confined nature of the crew accomodation. I believe its 15 to a room or something,in bunks 3 high?
              "Messing" in naval terminology describes the daily living routine. Eating,sleeping,washing etc. On the peacocks this is confined. Even officers have to share a cabin.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                The peacocks operate the mess deck system where all the junior rates share the same accomadation by divisions whereas the PVs and the HPV operate a cabin system!
                It the old RN way ..although this has changed on the new type patrol vessels . Its done this way in the INS to provide crew comfort on long patrols. It also means the rates who live in have some privacy while alongside.
                The peacocks along with the sweepers were never designed to have the crews living in while alongside. The RN provided accomadation blocks and accomadation ships for this purpose. the INS never copped on to this.
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                  Ex RN Peacocks in the Philippine Navy

                  Photos of ORLA & CIARA's sister ships in the Philippine Navy. It would appear that they have held onto the old RN Fire Control System for the 76mm.

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                    Can you date this photographs?

                    I have notes ome where that these hace been recently been upgraded with a missile fit?
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                      Great pics though
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                        All photos (except the last one) taken from the Philippine Navy website. The last one was taken from the shipspotting website. It was a recent post, so I would hazard a guess that it was fairly recent.


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                          Originally posted by pym View Post
                          So more of the Roisin class then, or possibly the RN River Class PV... or maybe something completely different.

                          As regards the 120m, that's the Meko 200MRV from the presentation. Is there anything else in that size class?
                          Peacock class are a waste of money when P50 class can do both. IE drop N.S. boarding teams within range of Tango whether it be river based in the shallows or 250nm N, S or W. Their only advantage is their speed to an emergency callout.
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                            Peacock class:
                            Max speed: 25-30 knots
                            Draught: 2.7 metres

                            P50 class:
                            Max speed: 23 knots
                            Draught: 3.8 metres

                            Peacocks are faster and can operate in shallower waters. They are the only real warships in the Naval Service (the rest being designed to civilian standard) but then again the accomodiation is poor and they aren't able to operate in as bad weather or as far out to sea as the P50s (or P21s for that matter).


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                              Response to armedboarders post. The Peacocks are not just faster they are the only NS vessels built to naval as opposided to civvy maritime standard and have a swallower draught.