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    i think its so unfair that when i leave skool and join the regular navy that i will drop my rank from ab or ls or whatever i manage to gain by the time and wont be credited for it! why is this and is there ever an exception to the rule!

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    i know its a hard question, but can you honestly say that PDF privates or any rank for that matter would have any respect for someone coming into the PDF as an NCO after a two week training course, i think not. The same course in the PDF is "i think" six months.


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      And it is fair to say the standard of training is substantially different


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        Just grin and bear it there is no comparison between the reserve training curricula and what passes for military training in a first world country
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          And you might find it helpful to yourself it you keep a low profile about your exploits in the RDF and how you have done this, fired that, been there espically in front of your training NCO's.


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            I would agree with EagleEye keep a low profile and for the love of God don't turn around and bad mouth the Reserve once your finished your training.


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              Agree with advice above, keep your reserve service low profile, be happy at least that you will find your 16 weeks in recruits easier than many others for lots of reasons.

              You know the steyr,
              How to march,
              How to dress yourself (more complicated than many imagine),
              Sea survival course done,
              You can put the HDLJ on without strangling yourself
              knowing who to call sir and who not to call sir (a big help)
              Knots, hitches, bends and splices done

              and remember, never be first, never be last and never ever volunteer.



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                I would take the advice a stage further and even forget what you have learned as a sluggie.I know what can happen ....enthusiasm is often driven out of the enthusiastic by those who think they know better.

                Any thing you learn keep it to yourself........theres the right way ....theres the wrong way .....and then theres the navy way!
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                  I agree with the Newby here sort of. If NSR members are considered proficient enough to act as crewmen aboard operational vessels,should they not carry some credit for this if they do decide to go on to the Naval service? I dont expect them to jump from reserve to regular with their reserve rank,but surely some adaptation of training should occur?
                  It is not the same as the ARMY/Army reserve situation,as the integration is not found in the army,but you could consider it the same as when the FCA done duties on the border all those years ago,and many of the participants in that were appointed into the PDF,without further training I believe.
                  Of course the training is not the same standard as the NS levels,but surely the amount of knowledge in the area should account for something?
                  That said,every ship I have served on over the years has made fast on the bits differently.:confused:

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    The Slua guys can hold boat coxn certs and steering tickets ...handle small arms and use coms......these are the primary work on board but they still don't fit in to the divisional system.

                    The executive branch or seamans division is broken down into two categories.Ie Gunners and Rps ...radar plotters. Neither aspect is covered by the slua training syllabus.So what you end up with by sending the Slua to sea is a crew member who has only a single function.
                    Okay so we are not at war but there is no redundancy on PVs.Everybody is multi tasked because of the various roles that need to be performed at different times.Where the system will break down is where a reservist is expected to fill in for a regular navy guy in a role that he has not trained for.....thus undermining the integrity of the function that has to be performed by either.It might range from gunnery to damage control.These skills are thought as an integral part of crew training before joining a ship.
                    You can't be expected to walk on to a ship for apatrol and operate systems that you have never even seen before.
                    Everyship is different and no simulators exist.Yes the Slua guys should go to sea on patrols yes they should retain their rank .....but only if they have carried out the training and carry the relevant qualifications.

                    having seen the spectrum from both sides I know the problems that are inherent.Manpower is the major problem.If the NS had sufficent bodies there would be no requirement forASM to go to sea....but thats in an ideal world.I don't have the answers but Idon't think there are any soloutions to the age old problem of reservists rank versus reggie ranl

                    Ideas any one?
                    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                      It just proves that training syllabi for bot AR and NSR need to be updated.


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                        I agree and the theory is flawless but how do we upgrade the requirements when we only barely make the existing requirements.

                        I think the whole issue of role needs to be adressed and the training scchedules worked into the revised role.After all portal defence is now so out moded that its a ridiculous concept.The same is true for the RDF we have no dfined role we only fill in for absenteeunits on exercise.We must be the best trained enemy in the world seeing as we tend to do ****all else except play dead for the PDF.This is not integration merely atraining aid for the DF. ****s sake you don't even need a reserve to act dead....we could join a drama school and do the same thing.
                        Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe