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Fishing Vessel Detained by the Navy

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  • Fishing Vessel Detained by the Navy

    10:40 Wednesday August 18th 2004

    A British-registered fishing vessel has been detained by the navy off the south west coast of Ireland. The boat, whose crew is mainly Spanish, was stopped early this morning about 180 miles from Mizen Head, for allegedly breaching regulations within Irish box. The vessel is being escorted to Castletownbere to be inspected by government officials.

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    I was going to post on this earlier on in the week but due to a death in the family it slipped my mind.

    the vessel involved was the grampiam admiral which is known as a britspan...British registered and spanish crewed.

    My self and goldie had some eventful discussion on this.

    historically on Feb 12 1987 this Fv was detained by the LE Eithne 120 miles off the west coast and escorted to castletownbere where she was arrested for fishing offences.

    On friday the 13tyh of feb 1987 I was the bowman in a searider that was sent into collect the boarding party which consisted of three junior officers.
    It was an uneventful trip until we were returning to the ship when we rounded the point returning to lawerences cove. In anunfortunate sequence of events I fractured my spine.

    the LE niamh put to sea in a hurry last sunday after noon having sounded a general recall and arrested this trawler at 1.30 am...the media attention was greater than usual.....with a senuior officer commenting on the detention.....

    The Navy knew she was coming!..How? what's happened to her since the detention? any body able to throw any light on this?

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      my last reply to this was deleted why?

      As I said earlier this is the second time this vessel was detaained by the NS. The previous time was on feb 12th LE Eithne and i was part of the boarding crew.

      Iwas seriously injured the next day when collecting the boarding party in castle town.

      this detention is of note because the LE Niamh had a general recall on sunday afternoon and detained this vessel at 1.30 am on monaday morning.

      they knew she was coming.

      unusual amount of media interst including comment from a senior officer why?

      what is her fate after detention?
      Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe