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  • New Navy Ship??(fiction)

    Originally posted by hptmurphy
    The L.E Emer is the next earmarked for retorement having been commissioned in 1977.....but there is no talk of a replacement yet.

    {MOD Note: Everything from here on is false and was designed deliberatly to decieve those who were using IMO as a source without properly crediting the site.
    Take everything from here on with a pinch of salt}

    The replacement is being discussed.
    A top level team of officers,including the Engineering Superintendant met with the Danish navy recently,and visited the Shipyard where the new class of Multi role Ship ABSALON is being built.
    The word is that the NS Know what they want,and were impressed with the capabilities of Rotterdam,though much of its features would be redundant in irish service,such as the Dock.
    However the Vehicle deck,and its ability to contain a Hospital aboard,as well as the obvious advantages of a helipad,whether or not the aircraft were deployed,was identified,with the Tragedy in Liberia where a number of rangers were injured in a traffic accident,proved the usefulness of such a ship,while LE Roisin was on station there at the same time.
    The Danish design provides the same features as Rotterdam,in a smaller scale,with what is considered most important for the Scrambled eggs,relatively small crew!
    In the past the NS have been very impressed with the Danish Thetis type of frigate,which is a frequent visitor to irish ports,particularly the way they are crewed,with a smaller crew for routine deployment,capable of being expanded dramatically during overseas deployments.
    The ship recently looked at,has a normal crew of 100,with cabins for 169,but a maximum capacity for 300

    So you could carry the full Company at least,with their vehicles,and deploy them either by sea,on the quayside,or by heli,which doesnt have to be yours,as the helipad is large enough to operate 2 EH101s
    However,to justify the Large size of this vessel,one ship will replace two,as it is intended to replace 2 of the older types,with LE Eithne being mentioned for possible early retirement,with her helipad and hangars long redundant,and the imminent demise of the dauphin Helis from Air Corps service. Aoife and Aisling were Built in 79/80,and have recieved major refits since their building,which has extended their lifespan dramatically. The first of class,Deirdre,which had poorer hull integrity than the later P20s served 30 years and is currently touring the med as a Yacht. Emer did not do as well as her younger sisters,and spends more time in drydock for repair that at sea.Her replacement is considered a matter of Urgency at the moment.
    Removing these ships from service,and the freeing up of their crews for this newer vessel would be the logical step.
    The white paper stated 8 ships as we know,but size was not mentioned.

    When it comes to Financing,the sharing of facilities with CIT in the new maritime college in Ringaskiddy will see a reduction in costs for transporting students daily to Bishopstown,combined with the fees paid by CIT for the use of their land,and the selling off of much of the obsolete training equipment that was being used to train Naval cadets has given the NS purse some freedom. Combined with this the ability to use this vessel to train civilian cadets,as well as Naval cadets,though as yet undecided,will also see the NS recieving an income.

    However the real stumbling block is by design,the danish vessel is fitted with a 5 inch gun,however,in common with all danish designs,the weapons fit is modular,and probably open to negotiation.
    The best thing about this design is that it provides the NS with true warship capabilities,as well as much required support capabilities for future overseas operations,while maintaining reasonable size at only 135M,and 6300 tonnes.

    The recent government trend of providing the Defence forces with actually useful military equipment,lends hope to the plans to procure this type also. The Army got their modern APCs,the air Corps are getting their blackhawks(presumably),it follows that the Naval service will get a proper warship..

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    my sources tell me that all armament is to be automated to cut down on crewing numbers with the venerable OTO Melara 76mm an a pair of CIWS goalkeepers as point anti aircraft defence. Small arms will be met in the form of various pintles to mount .5 inch HB2s.

    the question of missiles has not been raised as there is no requirement given the CIWs fit. A crew similar to that of the current Pvs plus a few specialists to operate loading and unloading.

    This is the way forward......can carry out joint operations when required plus have the flexibility of a patrol vessel. suggested names include Setanta2.
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      However the real stumbling block is by design,the danish vessel is fitted with a 5 inch gun,however,in common with all danish designs,the weapons fit is modular,and probably open to negotiation.
      Can anyone explain the problem with the gun being fitted.Is it to do with the extra crew required for it?
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        The 5 inch is not in service on any other irish naval vessel perhaps,and all newer vessels are being fitted with the 76mm,which is compact.
        Didn't setanta become CùChulainn?
        Could much of the loading and unloading be carried out by civilian crew,experienced in Ro-Ro work? RFA style with a Naval/Civilian mix?

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          Flexible Command Ship

          ABSALON Class


          Built by:
          Odense Staalskibsværft, Lindø

          Naval Material Command, Denmark in cooperation with Odense Staalskibsværft, Lindø

          Laid down:
          November 28, 2003 (Production start: April 30, 2003)

          February 25, 2004

          Planned for commissioning July 1, 2004

          Pennant Number:

          Int'l Call Sign:

          6,300 tons

          Length:137.6 m
          Beam: 19.5m
          Draught: 6.3m

          100 men, cabins for 169 men.
          Total lodging capacity up til 300 men.

          2 ea MTU 8000 M70 engines at 8.200 kW each
          2 ea Propellers
          1 ea Bow thruster (15 tons pressure)

          9,000 nautical miles

          1 ea 127 mm (5”) Mk 45 Mod 4 Gun

          Later, also:

          2 ea Close In Weapon Systems
          ? ea Harpoon SSM
          ? ea Sea Sparrow VLS Mk. 48 SAM
          ? ea Stinger SAM
          ? ea SEAGNAT/SBROC Mk. 36
          ? ea Anti submarine torpedoes
          ? ea Mines

          Additional space for:

          2 ea Landing Crafts of the LCP Class
          2 ea Augusta-Westland EH-101 Helicopters

          23 knots (service speed)

          The flexible command ships can perform a number of national and inter-national task, including transportation of personal and material, command platform for land, air and sea operations. The ship also has a mine laying capacity. It also has the capacity to carry out humanitarian operations as a hospital ship.

          The ship is fitted with a 900 square meter flexible deck to perform in different operations and has a roll-on-roll-off (RO/RO) capacity aft.


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            I just have a question, now if the new ship was equipped with CIWS wouldn't that be a justification on putting ASM's on it because if that is required then maybe the ship will be going into place's were an anti ship capability would be vital:confused:


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              Thanks for the explanation on the gun Goldie.
              Sounds exactly like the kinda ship I was trying to explain in one of my other posts.
              2 EH101s? Sounds like enough room for 3 or 4 navalised Panthers or EC145! The government will be so happy to hear that.:p
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                The numbers of troops carried seems a little low, what would the chances of a redesign, removing the space for the landing craft and replacing it with more bunk space?

                So, using the same hull and machinery, you'd get a more useable vessel for the same money with the ability to deliver more troops on the other end..

                AshM are generally considered offensive weapons, the gun fit mentioned would be more than sufficient against small attacking vessels, which would be the main threat. In any case, a vessel such as this would have to be escorted in any situation where there was a serious threat.

                To be honest, I've heard various rumours about this vessel for a long time (3-4 years) from those within the NS, but funding and Govt support seem to be as far away as ever. The NS may know what they want, the DOD may even be on board with the project, but there has yet to be any form of announcement on the subject. I wouldn't hold my breath, it may happen, but it will be a while.


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                  I think the main question is with any troop ship acquired-What is the maximum number of troops the government would send abroad anyway.If you knew that you could plan these vessels accordingly.
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                    Total of 850 troops AT ANY ONE TIME is the agreed amount under UNSAS / EURRF, including a light Inf Bn.


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                      After being asked on what basis I am suggesting "suitable" vessels, what type / equipment fit / weapons fit / crew etc, should we be looking at?


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                        There is a post in this section which deals with this in detail. Find it and have a read of it to see what the NS wanted,some years ago at least.

                        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                          Has this one been mentioned, i was on franks board where they were discussing *choke* Naval issues *choke* :D

                          Anyway, someone mentioned credible insider info that the NS was interested in this concept and following its development. Its a support ship that Denmark are currently having built...

                          The design packs a hefty punch and i doubt wed require the armaments but the rest of the design idea seems very sound and suitable for our waters.

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                            Further to the suggestion above that the weapon fit will differ from the danish design, A number of weapons are currently in storage in Haulbowline,including a Fully functioning OTO Melera 3 inch DP,and 3 Bofors L70 on powered mounts,with local control.
                            It seems this ship is also capable of carrying the New containerised field hospital,operational,within the hangar...
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                              Where did the weapons in storage come from?
                              Where they taken off vessels or bought just for training?
                              Is the 3 inch DP, the 76mm?