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    Hi Everyone

    Apologies for using this board for this, but can think of no better way of getting in contact with the right people for the job. As most of you are aware, a young boy is missing in Midleton. He's been gone now since Tuesday afternoon, and his parents are frantic with worry. Hundreds of people are out looking for him (I was out myself yesterday, and some of this morning) but the wet weather is making things quite difficult. Today saw a large drop in volunteers (which is perfectly natural, due to work commitments, etc). I would think that a lot of people on this board would be more than suitable to take part in this search (more so than perhaps a lot of the civilian volunteers I saw yesterday). Discipline is a major thing in this sort of search, something a lot of people yesterday, (well meaning as they were), lacked bigtime!

    Anyway, just a rant, but if anyone wants to join in the search, contact Midleton Gardai, or listen to the radio. The Gardai are appealing for more volunteers, and the search commences each morning from the East Cork Golf Club in Midleton.


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