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  • Future Naval Vessels

    The 3000 would serve all our needs including the ability to deploy UN troops abroad with support.
    It is the next generation of the Thetis.

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    I forgot to add that like the french grebe class the boat is launched from a wet bay within the ship off a stern ramp, this is safer and faster than cranes or boat falls
    and can be launched in most sea conditions by going head to the wx.


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      Hello name is ...Ive never been launched in an S/r... Simon jennings.

      You need to be launched in the thing to have an opinion.

      The Bowline is required to ensure that the mother vessel and the encumberant are doing the same speed to ensure the SR is not swamped by the wash of the mother vessel. Stern launching has a tendency to duck the bow of th towed vessel in the wash of the mother ship making it liable to SINK ie no more boat,

      these methods have been tried and tested for ion s and while they may not be wonderful..they work..until you are willing to sacrifice your own arse in the development of new methods please desist in suggesting same a s it will probably lead to some poor jack tar risking his hide trying out your wonderful ideas.
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        For your info, I have launched from sides and from stern, I think when you talk about the Bowline you mean the painter, the launch vessel is hove to when launching, so apart from stemming there is no wake.
        Then again, I'm only a Master Mariner so what would I know.


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          having been on the sharpe end of recovering and launching all types of launches and semi rigids from naval vessels under operational conditions both night and day with and without passengers and to the detriment of my health I think That I have a valid point.
          I applaud your qualifications but it was only by the expierience of the likes of me and my colleagues who put our health and lives on the line that the upper ranks were able to submit there theories and achieve their merits.

          It has gone on record that the member s of the NS operated in seas far exceeding the specification of the equipment used.Whilst it migth not have been heroic to the master mariners of this world it was recognised by the manufacturers of such equipment and I will quote that NS men were injured and have died proving that they could use the equipment provided to them to perform deeds that lesser persons would have baulked at.

          your achievements as a master mariner are not to be undermined by any post that I may submit and I respect you for your achievements in this field .

          please forgive my frustration at your suggestions as a young AB I would have suggested many options to the tried and tested means of boat recovery and it was only through practise that I learned that the existing methods with the equipment available were the best.

          I was some what peeved as i percieved your views to come from the uneducated side of disscussion. but learning of your qualifications I believe that your views are not as uneducated as I believed .Forgive the presumption.

          but please bear in mind my firsthand knowledge of the subject through trial and error and vhow caustic i can be to those who' knowingly report onthe subject'

          welcome to our forum and I look forward to healthy disscussion with one so highly qualified in his field .
          Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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            Sorry to interdict again but the only expierience of launching SRS I have was from vessels under way.Naval vessels do not heave to for the purpose of boardings as it would provide the ideal opertunity for a beligerint vessel to carry out a ramming.
            This has always been the greatest fear of Irish naval vessels as they are withouth armour and such an action would prove fatal to a naval vessel.

            this was the primary motive of LTCDR Jim Robinson firing on the Trawler thr SONIA off the Waterford coast in !984 as he believed that his command was in jeopardy of being ramme3d >Photographs will shown the proximity of the FV to the LE Aisling and the skipper of the FV's intentions can be deduceded from these.
            Again the mans motives can be question ed as he fired on an unarmed vessel but the priorty was to maintain the integrity of his own vessel.
            Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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              I remember a tale of a current master mariner,who teaches the civilian trade nowdays in cork,who convinced a reluctant LS that a gemini would tow a minesweeper off a sandbank if he gave it full power.
              Lt T#@t was proven wrong,and 2 gemini crewmen got an early bath....

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                yeah it takes two geminis.
                Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                  (must state qualifications first)
                  Have launched and been recovered both day and night, once or twice in shitty weather, consider getting onto the trawlers much more dangerous
                  Only opinion but stern launching sounds good for launching but recovery sounds distinctly iffy. Even hove too the swell sounds distinclty likely to smush the boat

                  The new delta's have a vastly superior system (I'm told) and im dying to see it in operation. If i get out in Niamh or Roisin this year expect a full account
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                  No Beast am I, For I know no pity...


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                    never having had the pleasure of trying to board the actual trawler I was but a mere taxi driver to the boarding parties but at no time were launches or recoveries carried out from the Hove to position as PVs bob like corks and the only safe method of recovery was while under way.
                    I do however recollect dodgy boardings trying to get boats alongside trawlers especially at night scary to say the least and hanging around for ages waiting for the boarding party...learned how to keep my fags dry at a very early stage.
                    Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                      I'm not saying I know better or trying to knock expieriece of others, having the additional option of sternlaunch can only add to capability.
                      The point is basically that it is a sound, proven vessel with the potential as a future HPV, if we ever go to that level again.
                      Sin E