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Defence Forces staff body demands right to join ICTU

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  • Defence Forces staff body demands right to join ICTU


    Hi John
    May I suggest that your Naval buddies, that they put in for their roster to be changed to an "on-off" rotation, like oil-rig personnel are used to, ie, month on,month off or 28/28 or 42/42. They could work it so that anyone returning from shipborne duty gets an automatic week off and a minimum of a week in base before being rostered ship-side again. Seagoing time should be used on a "credit" basis,ie, the longer you spend at sea, the longer you spend onshore upon return.I think the PDF in general has to get out of the old "Army" day of 7am to 4pm and consider shifts for technical personnel, with a proper unsocial hours/roster pay instead of accumulating mountains of "lieu" time that a CO can refuse to give you. The RAF have had shifts for many of it's permanent-base technicians for years now.