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    Hi there
    What way does the INS organise the shipboard routine, time-wise, when the ship is involved in an emergency situation, such as the Air India disaster or the present events off Wexford.A friend of mine,who served on an RN carrier in the Adriatic, worked a 7,5,5,7 daily routine once the ship had gone up the Adriatic to it's patrol station.Does anything similar exist in the INS?

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    Watches. usually of 4 hour duration is the norm at sea. 4 on, 8 off, and a 2 hour along the way to change the routine. I remember it mentioned elsewhere.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      Hah Try operation mallard in 1987...24 on for ten days..I got home ..slept for the three days..missed the bus back..and some ****ing gobshite tried to charge me me with absence..if I had my time back . they would be trying me on afar more serious charge...before i got the the three days off!
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        was at air india on eithne years ago with canadian navy's robot - all the ships were relieved
        after a week - but found black box after several days - all watches were still 4 hrs with 8 off
        but bear in mind there is a lot more bod's on withne then the p/v's