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2065 fishing vessels boarded by Naval service last year

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  • 2065 fishing vessels boarded by Naval service last year

    (from the Irish Examiner 24/01/06)
    Dan Collins.

    A record breaking 2065 fishing vessels were boarded and inspected by the Naval service last year, according to a review of the navy's operations.
    These inspections resulted in 41 fishing vessels being detained and escorted into por to undergo legal proceedings - 10 more arrests than 2004. Written warnings were issued to a further 111 fishing vessels.
    "This sanction is for far less serious infringements of the regulations and gives the trawler skipper an opportunity to rectify the deficiencies found on board", the report states.
    Naval ships were involved in a total of 21 search and rescue operations at sea in support of the Irish Coast guard and 49 requests from other agencies.
    Naval Service ships conducted 1682 patrol days in 2005 compared to 1568 patrol days in 2004. Of the 1682 patrol days last year, 1602 were dedicated to fishery protection compared to 1488 in 2004, the report states.
    Over 24 salmon fishing boats were inspected during the summer months of 2005 as part of the assistance provided to the protection of salmon stocks.
    This figure was down from 100 in 2004 and "reflects the success of the regiemes in place to curb illegal drift net salmon fishing" the report says.
    New technology to be introduced by the Naval service this year will provide all Naval Patrol ships with a "near real time" computer screen display of all VMS data of the onboard satellite communications used by fishing vessels to transmit information concerning their position.
    All eight Naval Service ships undertook foreign deployments during 2005 as follows:
    L.E. Eithne to Portsmouth
    L.E. Niamh to Kiel and London
    L.E. Roisin to New York and Boston
    L.E. Emer to Lisbon
    L.E. Aoife to Cherbourg
    L.E. Aisling to St Nazaire and Cherbourg
    L.E. Orla to Liverpool
    L.E. Ciara Bilbao.
    Throughout the year, the Navy provided offshore surveillance to its Drug Interdiction role as part of the Joint Task Force in th efight against drugs importation.
    The Naval Diving Section was involved in eight search operations over 44 days deployment in 2005.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.

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    Exciting Times for the NS was there no type of replenisment trip done to Liberia or Kosovo over the year by the any Naval Service or these trips not inculded in overseas trips???
    British officer: You're seven minutes late, Mr. Collins.
    Michael Collins: You've kept us waiting 700 years. You can have your seven minutes.

    [As the British flag comes down]

    Michael Collins: So that's what all the bother was about.


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      1682 patrol days.

      8 ships.

      210 days per ship?

      Considering that the Peacocks do not spend as long at sea as other vessels, thats a pretty respectable figure.

      Its also very tough going for the crews.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        I thought orla went to bibao?