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LE Ciara For Salthill Air Show

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  • LE Ciara For Salthill Air Show

    Hi Guys

    Just a note to say that the Naval Vessell "LE Ciara" will be attending this years Salthill Air Show on Sunday the 25th of June.

    We are delighted and proud to have the Navy take part, the Navy ships always look great anchored off Salthill all dressed up.

    Hope to announce some exciting participants in the near future.

    Last edited by Brian McGrath; 25 May 2006, 21:26.

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    Sounds good Brian.
    I was planning on going but I recently found out I cant make it..maybe next year.


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      Nice one Im back up in Galway ill be out there for it.
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        Was planning to go the night before and stay over but those barstewards in Queens have set an exam on a Saturday afternoon 2.30. So I cant make it. Minstrel Boy set outlast year to go and see it and somehow managed to get himself lost. He is going this year with his Missus.....lets hope her map reading skills are a lot better than his.


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          A few years ago you might have seen a lazy looking type all in yellow in Salthill with a pair of binoculars on his belt.

          I'll be there this year.
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