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    There was an ex with the Air Corps some years back where one ship used its guns in the indirect fire role, with corrections called from a spotter aboard an AW139.
    Since the old A/A drogue hauled by the Cessna was stood down, I don't thing there is anything in the inventory, and I'm not sure how often that was used by the NS.
    Cannot see what such an exercise would contribute to gunfire accuracy of any sort. AA requires a drogue with a sensor as AA ammunition is proximity fused and requires to pass within a laid down envelope to detonate. Surface fire is combined with a range return tracked by radar or more accurately by Laser OR visually within the horizon. From 1984 to 2000 there were probably no AW139 and the last acquired around 2006. It is critical for any Naval ship to have a measured accuracy for it's system.
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    • Nexter and Thales presented exclusively for Naval News their new RAPIDFire remotely operated naval gun system. This complete solution includes the 40 mm CTA gun, an integrated fire control system, an operator console and a sighting system. ===================== The RAPIDFire system developed by the consortium formed by Thales and Nexter has been chosen by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) to equip future French Navy vessels (the Chevallier-class replenishment tankers also known as BRF and the future class of OPV) with new artillery. This new system will provide the Navy’s surface vessels with an effective close-in defence capability against modern air and surface threats. RAPIDFire incorporates the new medium calibre 40 mm gun developed by CTAI, the international subsidiary of Nexter Systems and BAE Systems. The system is compatible with the full range of ammunitions developed for land forces programmes. For naval air defense, a development and proudctiion contract for a future smart ammunition known as Anti Aerial Airburst (A3B) round is expected to be awarded this year.
      For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.