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    Man acquitted over Air India bombing off Cork coast dies in 'targeted shooting'

    Irish naval authorities bring ashore debris after the Air India Boeing 747 crash in Cork in June 1985. Picture: Andre Durand/AFP/Getty Images

    FRI, 15 JUL, 2022 - 15:32

    A man acquitted over the bombing of a 1985 Air India flight from Montreal to Mumbai has been killed in Canada, in what police believe was a targeted shooting.

    The family of Ripudaman Singh Malik confirmed the 70-year-old was shot and killed on Thursday morning in front of his clothing import business.

    Canadian police were called to a Surrey, British Columbia neighbourhood following reports of gunfire. They found a man with a gunshot wound.

    “The man was provided first aid by attending officers until emergency health services took over his care,” constable Sarbjit Sangha said. “The injured man succumbed to his injuries on scene.”

    Police did not release the name of the victim, but family confirmed Malik’s identity.

    A mourner weeps after the Air India crash.
    On June 23, 1985, 329 people died when Air India flight 182 exploded off the west Cork coast.

    It was due to stop over at Heathrow before going on to Delhi and eventually Mumbai. Passengers were primarily from Canada, plus India, Britain, and other countries. More than 80 of them were children.

    Malik, along with co-defendant Ajaib Singh Bagri, was found not guilty in March 2005 of murder and conspiracy.

    The attack on Air India Flight 182, is one of history’s deadliest bombings of a commercial airliner.

    Police have alleged it was plotted by Sikh extremists living in Canada as revenge on India for its storming of Sikhism’s Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.

    Babu and Padmini Turlapati from Toronto in the Memorial Garden at Ahakista, West Cork. They lost both their sons Sanjay and Deepak in the Air India disaster. Picture: Dan Linehan

    Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri, a sawmill worker in Kamloops, British Columbia, were charged in 2000 with bombing Flight 182.

    They were also charged with killing two baggage handlers who died when a suitcase bomb, alleged by police as designed to destroy another Air India jet over the Pacific Ocean, exploded in Japan’s Narita airport.

    A memorial garden in Ahakista, West Cork was established to in memory of those who died on board Air India flight 182 and has since become a cherished place for families to visit and remember their loved ones, with relatives visiting the site on the anniversary.

    Man acquitted over Air India bombing off Cork coast dies in 'targeted shooting' (

    Sounds like a strong dose of consequences to me.
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      Scannal on the 1985 Air India Disaster (
      Scannal on the 1985 Air India Disaster

      Nuashonraithe / Dé Luain, 24 Dfómh 2022 05:42

      In the first of a two-part Scannal special, Pádraig Ó Drisceoil investigates Air India Flight 182 which disappeared from the radar in air traffic control in Shannon in June of 1985.

      Early morning on the 23rd of June, 1985, Air India Flight 182 disappeared from the radar in air traffic control in Shannon. Air traffic controllers tried to make radio contact with the jumbo jet but to no avail. The subsequent air/sea rescue off the Irish coast was on a scale never before seen in Ireland: all 329 people on board perished. More than 80 of the 329 who died were children.

      In this two-part Scannal special, reporter and West Cork native Padraig O'Driscoll pieces together, through first-hand testimony, archive and interview, the events of that night and retraces the relatives’ decades-long battle for justice. He meets the first responders and Irish lifeboat, navy and medical staff who found themselves at the centre of an international terrorism incident and travels to Canada to meet the families of the victims, who recall their horrific journeys to Cork to identify their loved ones’ remains in 1985 – and their search, over four decades, for answers and justice.

      His investigation also reveals the unique bond that formed between the people of Ahakista in West Cork and the families of the victims throughout that painful first year – and the continuing love and respect that both communities hold for one another forty years on.

      Pádraig Ó Drisceoil
      In Canada Pádraig uncovers a very different narrative: a saga of botched police investigations and failed arrests, witness intimidation and murder, destroyed evidence and the collapse of the most expensive trial in Canadian history. And a community of relatives of the victims who feel marginalised and forgotten by the state. In the aftermath of the disaster, expressions of sympathy were sent by the Canadian authorities to the Indian state – yet the vast majority of the victims were Canadian citizens. Many of the victims’ families wonder whether things might have been different if those who died in the bomb had been white Canadians.

      As Pádraig picks through the bungling efforts of the Canadian security forces in their long and futile pursuit of justice, one of the key suspects is murdered outside his office in Vancouver, throwing the 1985 Air India disaster back onto the front pages again in 2022.

      This is the first time the story of the Air India disaster has been pieced together in this way on Irish television. It is a powerful story of human tragedy – but also of the families’ grace, resilience and dignity in the face of enormous loss and injustice. For anyone who has ever visited the Air India memorial in Ahakista and seen the faces of the victims on the monument, this powerful two-part Scannal special will remind them of why the world should never forget.
      Scannal - RTÉ Player (​​
      For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.