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      Rememeber wrappg the towel around my neck to stop the water comming into the suit..robbing cling film from
      a galley to wrap my fags in while waiting for the boarding party to return to have a smoke..bear in mind there were 10 gallons of petrol behind the seat.....

      I never even got my life jacket dirty

      red floating hell hensen suits that were handed down from the ward room and usually smelt to high heaven and weighed about twenty pounds due to soakake....foot wear consisted of runners or shoes so you could get them off fast in the case of hitting the water...all topped of by a monkey hat...ah!! the good old days of health and safety..
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        Originally posted by AlanF View Post
        TP, looking at the boarding gear these guy's have on I expect that this was in the 90's.

        In the summer it was not to bad I would wear my leather biker jacket

        Well I dont remember the bike jacket, but I do have a clear picture of you and the trade mark hat over the years.

        The boarding suits were standard issue then (thank God), but as Murph says, I also remember the towel around the neck when wearing the Helly Hanson's to stop the water running down your back. Ouch!

        One thing the dry suits were great for, was for holding 'Gifts'. i.e. The odd few bottles of Spanish or French wine. One could open the zip behind the life jacket and place the bottles around your mid section, with the waist strap of the life jacket pulled tight to prevent the bottles falling down around your ankles.
        Sometimes there would be an odd ' clink' as one would be climbing back on deck! Other times after a long time spent on a Spanish vessel, it would be noted that the returning boarding party would have difficulty walking in a straight line!

        And I do recall in 1981 where a boarding nco, dressed in 'Blue foulies' and Gustaf machine gun could hardly stand up when he handed over the arrested Spanish vessel to the Gardai in Galway docks.
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          [QUOTE=Test Pilot;190892

          One thing the dry suits were great for, was for holding 'Gifts'. i.e. The odd few bottles of Spanish or French wine. [/QUOTE]

          Don Simon...never seen anywhere else only at sea!