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    Originally posted by hptmurphy View Post
    brings back certain memories especially after the night my locker attacked the OOD and I gave afternoon in that damned place with said same tooth brush

    My memories of that weekend are far more spectacular,

    Remember the crossing of the lake in the two geminis and how Pat Collins got thrown in... and me soon after him, had to finish the route march having been submerged in a lake ( funny how most of my NS career either started or began with me in water usually fully clothed,)

    The 'Bomb Scare' at 3am with us running around like headless chickens to find out it was some sort of musical instrument left under a truck!

    Yeah the famous disco.. Gerry Kearns break dancing and not a bird in sight...we got suckered into that one.

    The infamous Mr. Bermingham !!!! Valentines weekend 1986

    Are you completely sure you want your youngfella to join up??????

    see they trained you well from an early stage in your career you learned how to survive in wet conditions from the start

    carrying the instructors around on stretchers upside down as they were casualties serves them right for disturbing our alcoholicaly induced sleeps.some bomb scare
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