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Absence of Naval service

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  • Absence of Naval service

    I promised to bring this point up having discussed it with some ONE guys and friends I met at the Late john Carneys Funeral.

    The naval servce should hang its head in shame for the disgrace ful lack of attandance at the mans funeral .There were two serving members present. Not one senior officer mande their presence known at the burial although I did see three present at the removal albeit it in civies at the removal. John had served five years and was well known throught the DF. His mate fro the AC ..a commandant came as the piper. His colleagues from the army are above praise as every brigade and many units were represented.

    There were a few of his former colleagus unable to attend due to operational commitments but over all the naval attendance was sadly lacking.

    What would it have take to divert a ship into Waterford and organise army transport to bring a few guys 30 miles to a colleagues passing.....after all they can visit ports on every other poor excuse.

    The senior officers in the service should hang their heads in shame for letting the passing of this fine man going unnoticed.

    I am thoroughly ashamed of my former peers !
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    I have to agree with Murph on this one. John Carney was one of the funniest guys I knew. But he was also one of the most dedicated servicemen in the place. He knew when to "act the maggot", and when to be serious.

    I was embaressed the other day when I attended his funeral, when asked by various soldiers as to why no-one from the NS was in attendance. Senior army officers travelled fair distances to the lonely graveyard, yet the NS didnt see fit to send one single person. The only person in NS uniform, was a friend of Johns, who made up his own mind to travel in uniform. And to see Army officers coming up, and thanking the one person in navy uniform for attending, made matters worse! They were genuinely thankful that someone from haulbowline had made the effort to attend.

    One can't help wondering if this was the funeral of a commisioned "gentleman" as to whether or not we would have seen anyone from the NS! I think we all know the answer to THAT question! John Carney, and many others like him, sailed on the same ships, ate the same food (sometimes!), and stood the same watches as all these other "gentlemen". Surely it wouldnt have been too much to ask to have someone from the blue uniform attend?