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  • info CPO Sean (Jack) Lavin

    my apologies if this is a duplicate. I have a feeling that my 1st post fell in a black hole.

    On behalf of my father-in-law, CPO Sean "Jack" Lavin (retired) I am seeking information about his service with Nos 1 & 2 Companies of the Au Slua Muiri 1944-67. He was presented with a plaque on his retirement & we have one photo of him as a PO.

    We would apprecaite hearing from anyone who remembers him or has info / pics of his service.

    As well I would apprecatite it if some-one could point me to a site that has a difinitive history of the Flower Class corvettes Cliona, Maev and Macha whilst they were in Irish service.

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    try these people.

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      That's an interesting website, Goldie. Fair play to the stand-downs for the long
      serving members on the site...
      "Well, stone me! We've had cocaine, bribery and Arsenal scoring two goals at home. But just when you thought there were truly no surprises left in football, Vinnie Jones turns out to be an international player!" (Jimmy Greaves)!"


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        Thanx GF

        Although the sight wasn't any help I've posted an e-mail so hopefully some-one will be old enough to remember him.
        attached is a pic of CPO Sean "Jack" Lavin as a PO.
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