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Adequacy of Irish Ports

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  • Bit of background from the above Bremore tender:

    Ronan Group Real Estate (RGRE) and Drogheda Port Company have partnered to develop a greenfield port north of Bremore Point on the Meath coastline. As part of this development, Bremore Ireland Port Designated Activity Company (the “Contracting Authority”) invites tenders (“Tenders”) to this Request for Tenders (“RFT”) from economic operators (“Tenderers”) to create a multi-party framework agreement (the “Framework Agreement”) for the services as described in Appendix 1 to this RFT (the “Services”).
    The Contracting Authority is developing a significant site to the north of Bremore Head, in county Meath. The development includes a new port on foreshore along with complementary infrastructure on the landside to accommodate port storage and processing facilities, port logistics operations and business development areas. A draft outline plan of the overall development is included as Appendix 6.
    Critically, the proposed development will contribute significant resources to supporting the construction of offshore wind farms and in facilitating the development of alternative energy solutions such as Green Hydrogen production, storage and distribution.
    Connections to the hinterland are available via the nearby M1 motorway and the Dublin to Belfast main rail line running through the site.
    It is clear from engagement with relevant markets that there is a critical need for additional competitive opportunities and resilience in the port service market. There is also a time-sensitive requirement for specialist port infrastructure in deep water to accommodate the transition of the Irish energy landscape to alternative supply. The site, close to the majority of the population and in a part of the country with a high demand for inward investment, was chosen with a great deal of care and sensitivity. The challenge is to deliver the project in a timeframe that matches policy and market goals.
    The parties have engaged with the relevant local, regional and national authorities to advance the project and have submitted appropriate documentation to Government under the national Public Spending Code. The Minister for Transport has also supported an application for Connecting Europe Funding (“CEF”) by the parties to bring the project to a positive planning approval.

    Appendix 6 is blank Johnnie


    • The Bremore crowd met with the Army and DoD last year in which they said they wanted all of Gormanston. They were politely told to **** off.


      • I'm a bit sceptical of the plans, to be honest.
        For now, everything hangs on the CoDF report, still possibly 2 weeks from the Ministers desk.