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    Hi Everyone, My name is Brian Mitchell, I served with the 57th, 61st, 66th & 74th Bn's in Lebanon. I have recently started up a site which is all to do with UNIFIL. The idea is to try to get together as many photographs as possible of our time in the Leb, so others can see them, and learn what it was all about. Its also going to be a place to meet up with old comrades who maybe you havent seen or heard from for a while. There will also be a notice-board in time as well. I have just added a "Guest Book" and everyone who visits is welcome to sign it. If you have any photos and would like to get them up on the site, Or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please have a look at
    Being a new site, the number of pictures is currently limited. I will post all submitted pictures as quickly as possible.
    Thank you,
    Brian Mitchell.

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    welcome Brian! Looks good... I served in the 77th/80th/84th. All A Coy. When i get a chance I'll send ya pics of the three trips


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      hope the site goes well
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        In the days before Health and Safety. Love it.

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        Originally posted by hedgehog
        My favourite moment was when the
        Originally posted by hedgehog
        red headed old dear got a smack on her ginger head


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          Reckon this is going to be good one given the quality of the stuff that has been submitted to IMO and could be posted on the new site

          Best of Luck Brian
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            Hallo Brian,

            Click image for larger version

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            long time no see, still with the "Cead Caith" or out in civvie street now???

            Great idea for a site, when I get a mo' here in the wilds of Transylvania, I will send some C.Coy 46th Bn. pictures.

            Connaught Stranger.
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              I predict that Brian and Hedge are not going to get on.


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                Originally posted by Joshua View Post
                I predict that Brian and Hedge are not going to get on.
                Why Not ?

                Great web site Brian- well done- its being a long time coming.

                I hope it works out for you

                there were some great pictures there,

                but there are no pictures of any of my trips

                There are very few pictures of Dublin lads on it

                but I suppose its due to the fact we were actually doing the work

                while our country cousins were on a seissiun mor:wink::wink::wink:

                Once again well done and best of luck with it

                I cant believe how young Busty Coy looks
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                  Thanks to everyone who has replied so far, and I look forward to hearing more from all of you. What I am seeing so far is very encouraging. Thanks also to those who have promised pictures for the site, I will get the up there as soon as I receive them.
                  Hedgehog, on starting the site, I only have a few pics of my own, and got a few from some buddys, so at the moment, yes the East is not well represented, I am hoping that people like yourself will help to rectify that by sending in some pictures. (I dont really think it was because the rest of us were on a session, but hey, who's to say
                  Connaught Stranger, good to hear from you Kevin.

                  Please don't keep this a secret, tell your Buddys..



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                    Man as soon as half my brood learn to use a scanner

                    you are going to inundated

                    I think you have a really great idea there mate

                    that film guy should also look at your site

                    for the utimate (no offence Leb site /experience people should

                    pay a trip to 5 Inf Bn (spit) lines

                    it blew my socks off
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                    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
                    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
                    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere***
                    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
                    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
                    Are full of passionate intensity.


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                      Hey Hedge hows things hope all is well.

                      Brian great site wish you best of luck.

                      On The Big Irish Ball.


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                        UNIFIL site

                        The encouragement and enthusiasm for the site has been great. I appreciate everyone who has posted on here and who have emailed me directly, Thank you. Now let the work begin. While the messages of support are very much appreciated, what I need are your pictures. Please send them to me at the address on the site ( If you have pictures but have no way to scan them you can email me and I will send on my postal address. I will scan your pictures, return them to you and put them up on the site. This site CAN work and can be a great resourse for all of us.
                        I appreciate your help.

                        Brian Mitchell.


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                          Best of luck with it.

                          Ill look forward to looking at it and ill tell my buddys to get onto it.
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                            Hi Everyone, Just to give you all an update on my site (, The number of pictures is starting to grow. There are now Photos from over a dozen different Battalions. The bulk of the pictures have come in so far from people from the West, so I need more input from the other regions. The more of you that send in pictures, the bigger this resource will become, and correspondingly, the more interesting it will get. If you haven't send in your Photos yet, please do it as soon as you can. If you have pictures that you haven't or cannot scan, log onto the "Contact" page of the UNIFIL site for details on how you can post them to me. I will scan them, upload them and return your originals to you. I will also burn the scans onto a CD for you, if you want.
                            Currently the site is attracting visitors from many parts of the world, not just from Ireland. The list includes: The United States, The United Kingdon, Australia, Malaysia, Finland, Norway, Portugal, The Czech Republic, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Argentina, China, India, Singapore, Poland and last, but by no means least, from the Lebanon itself.
                            The latest update (26th May 08) to the site was the 50th Battalion, which includes a very dramatic picture of one of the few times the Irish fired 120mm Mortars in the Lebanon, and it wasnt an exercise!!
                            Thank you for your support.

                            Brian Mitchell.


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                              The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) soldiers stand guard for a minute's silence next to the UNIFIL Cenotaph in memory of fallen peacekeepers in Al-Naqura southern Lebanon, 19 March 2009. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) held a ceremony at the Mission headquarters in Naqura to mark the 31st anniversary of its peacekeeping presence in southern Lebanon. Peacekeepers representing the 30 different national contingents that make up UNIFIL participated in the event.
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