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C Coy 65th Inf BN UNIFIL - 1989

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  • C Coy 65th Inf BN UNIFIL - 1989

    Hi all

    I served with the a/m unit in the summer of 1989. As it's coming up to 20 years since that time I'm thinking about trying to arrange some sort of reunion for anyone interested. Does anyone know how best to get a list of those who served with that unit back then? Would DFHQ be able to provide me with the info?

    If anyone here actually served with that unit, I was one of the few Cork boys who was there at the time (only three of us in the Coy). I was one of the company medics, home unit was the NS, and I was referred to by some from the 28th BN as "Corky" though I couldnt understand their accents half the time!

    Anyway, would appreciate any help or pointers on this on how best to get in contact or just to get a company listing. If you have any ideas, just pm me here

    Thanks in advance

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    The DF Library in the Curragh will have the Unit History complete with Nominal Roll of the Battalion. Contacting their home units should get you the personnel or exers addresses.
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      think my dad was in a/coy in the 65th if thats any use, he was 27th btn.
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        If you get the nominal roll of the unit Pensions Section may be able to help with the address of retired members.


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          Thanks a million. I've contacted the DF library and am awaiting a reply from them. Though I feel a little old to hear some people here had fathers out at the same time!!!