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  • EU Mission to Somalia

    Defence Forces Personnel depart for European Union Training Mission in UgandaShare
    Today at 9:37am
    Statement 22 April 2010, 5.30pm

    Five members of the Defence Forces departed Ireland yesterday afternoon to
    participate in the European Union’s Training Mission of Somali military
    personnel in Uganda.

    The purpose of the Mission, known as “EUTM Somalia” (European Union Training
    Mission Somalia) is to train Somali military personnel, thereby contributing
    to the strengthening of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the
    institutions of Somalia.

    The EU mission, which is headed by Spain, will see military training being
    delivered to some 2,000 Somali trainees over a period of 12 months. The
    training is being provided to support existing programmes being delivered by
    Uganda, and is being undertaken in support of UN resolution 1872.

    The mission headquarters is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The
    training facility is based in Bihanga camp, which is approximately 211km
    West of Kampala.

    The Defence Forces are contributing five personnel to this mission, on a
    tour of duty which will last six months. The three officers and two
    Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) will fill the following appointments:

    • A Visitor and Protocol officer, based in Mission Headquarters,
    • A Personnel officer, based in Training Headquarters in Bihanga Camp.
    • One officer and two NCOs will constitute part of a training team,
    based in Bihanga Camp.

    The European Union is deploying nine training teams with different areas of
    responsibility. Defence Forces personnel are part of a training team which
    also includes three Maltese military instructors. The team has
    responsibility for training junior leaders (NCOs). This task will involve
    teaching basic military leadership skills such as command and control, small
    team tactics and instructional skills.

    The Irish contingent, known as “IRCON 1 EUTM Somalia,” will travel to Madrid
    by commercial carrier today, and from there to Uganda on 23 April with the
    Spanish Air Force.

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    Best of Luck to them..


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      Unpaid Somali Soldiers Desert to Insurgency
      Published: April 27, 2010

      MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) -- Hundreds of Somali soldiers trained with U.S. tax dollars have deserted because they are not being paid their $100 monthly wage, and some have even joined the al-Qaida-linked militants they are supposed to be fighting, The Associated Press has learned.

      The desertions raise fears that a new U.S.-backed effort beginning next month to build up Somalia's army may only increase the ranks of the insurgency. Somalia's besieged U.N.-backed government holds only a few blocks of the Somali capital, Mogadishu, while Islamic insurgents control the rest of the city and most of the country. That turmoil -- and the lawless East African nation's proximity to Yemen, where al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is based -- has fed fears that Somalia could be used to launch attacks on the West.

      In an effort to rebuild the tattered Somali military, the United States helped fund a training program for nearly 1,000 soldiers in neighboring Djibouti last year, Western diplomats told the AP. The French-trained troops were supposed to earn $100 a month, but about half of them deserted because they were not paid, Somali army Col. Ahmed Aden Dhayow said. ''Some gave up the army and returned to their ordinary life and others joined the rebels,'' he said. Somalia's state minister for defense, Yusuf Mohamed Siyad, confirmed some trainees had joined the al-Shabab militants, but he declined to specify the number of deserters.

      The development highlights a key problem facing efforts to rebuild the bankrupt nation's army -- guaranteeing funding for soldiers' salaries, not just their training. Failure to resolve the pay issue could threaten the success of a U.S. and European Union training program beginning in Uganda next month that has been touted as the biggest effort to rebuild the army in 20 years.

      Funding for the Somali army is a complex affair involving contributions from donor nations, the U.N. and the Somali government. Individual countries sometimes pledge to cover salaries for a limited number of soldiers for a few months, and when the money runs out, salaries don't get paid. The U.S. has provided $2 million to pay Somali soldiers and purchase supplies and equipment in Mogadishu since 2007, according to the State Department. Another $12 million went toward transport, uniforms and equipment, but the U.S. has declined to say how much of that paid for training.
      Rest of the artricle at:
      "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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        What a waste of money attempting to train a Somali army that does not exist. The Somali state has disintegrated and the current attempt at a national government is futile , lacks a coherent strategy .
        Anyway the biggest dangers to teh guys in Uganda , will be the traffic and the hookers at the Rocj Garden in Kampala. They can debone a mabn in seconds...I have been told...
        Not sure where the camp is located but drink tea not water and watch out for malaria, , Best prophalxis, a newspaper, bring it to bed swat the Mozzi and sleep under a net.


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          anyhow - this is NOT a mission to Somalia - it's a mission to Uganda to train the Somali's.

          big difference.

          but i do think any training the Irish DF can give that aids Somalia's return to peace will be greatly appreciated and this is a great and appropriate role for soldiers from the Irish DF.
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            How do we select people for this- is it a case that units send bods eg; 2bn sends them or are these lads drawn from the schools UN, Arty, Cadet, (not primary secondary etc :P )
            But there's no danger
            It's a professional career
            Though it could be arranged
            With just a word in Mr. Churchill's ear
            If you're out of luck you're out of work
            We could send you to johannesburg.

            (Elvis Costello, Olivers Army)


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              It could be individual with specialities (eg from the Schools) or it could be by advertisement.


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                BBC News Clip

                Glaine ár gcroí
                Neart ár ngéag
                Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar


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                  Thanks for that
                  "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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                    Interesting Cap Badge. Reminds me of Van Damme in that shit film with kylei minogue..

                    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.