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  • What's it like to drive one of the armoured vehicles used by Irish peacekeepers in Lebanon?


    • What's life really like for Irish soldiers on the Lebanon-Israel border?


      • Irish personnel involved.

        UN observers wounded by shelling in southern Lebanon

        It comes as tensions along the unofficial border between Israel and Lebanon intensified in recent days.


        • Irish peacekeepers involved in medical response following Lebanon blast

          Irish peacekeepers have been involved in treating those injured in an explosion near a UN military patrol in Lebanon.

          Three UN military observers and a Lebanese interpreter were injured in the blast near Rmeish on the southern Lebanon border on Saturday. None were Irish.

          The observers work for the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation, which supports the UN’s long-standing peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon (Unifil).

          Local media blamed the explosion on an Israeli drone – a claim disputed by Israel.

          There has been an escalation of clashes between the Israeli Defence Forces and Hezbollah militants in recent weeks.

          The Irish military has long been involved in the Unifil operation in Lebanon.

          In 2022, Irish peacekeeper Private Sean Rooney was killed while serving in Lebanon when his convoy was attacked.

          There are currently 333 soldiers from the 123rd Infantry Battalion serving in Unifil and 12 serving in UNTSO.

          The Defence Forces confirmed no Irish personnel were injured during Saturday morning’s incident.

          “Our thoughts are with the injured parties, their comrades and their families,” said a Defence Forces statement.

          It said the casualties were triaged, stabilised and treated by Defence Forces medical personnel in the Irish Camp UNP 2-45.

          Irish personnel then coordinated the evacuation of one patient by helicopter to Beirut.

          The remaining three patients were transported by the 123rd battalion using the Irish armoured ambulance and armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to a hospital in the city of Tyre.

          Unifil spokesman Andrea Tenenti said the origin of the explosion was under investigation.

          “Safety and security of UN personnel must be guaranteed,” he said.

          “All actors have a responsibility under international humanitarian law to ensure protection to non-combatants, including peacekeepers, journalists, medical personnel, and civilians.

          “We repeat our call for all actors to cease the current heavy exchanges of fire before more people are unnecessarily hurt.”​