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  • Originally posted by Flamingo View Post
    Interesting aside on BBC Radio 4 news, although they have suitable patrol vehicles and UAV’s, they have no integrated helicopter support...
    The RAF do however have 3 Chinooks supporting the separate French counter terrorism op

    Alledgedly they will make them available not sure how that works with the UN


    • The UN will happily take what they can get. The nature of the formation has been under 'concerned discussion' within defence for some time, though there are quite legitimate arguments (within UK defence) one the side of the current force structure.

      The UN is not fussy where it's support comes from, it doesn't sit around clutching it's pearls and scrutinising all elements of force contribution for anything that isn't perfect.


      • More French casualties in Mali.

        BBC News - Sahel conflict: Two French soldiers killed in Mali
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        • The sahel region has really had a horrible week 5 french soilders dead in 2 IED attacks in mali and just across the border in niger 100 plus dead on 2 attacks on 2 villages, I think we will see in the future larger deployments from the EU after covid dies down.


          • More than 200 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment and 1st The Queen’s Dragoon Guards have intensified preparations for their United Nations deployment to Mali. They leave at the end of May but are completing the final part of their training in Norfolk.
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