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  • You could easily do it as part of a C check; removal being easier than initial installation and it was allegedly designed for quick removal anyway. The belly radome and radar take about an hour to remove and the outlet for the radar scanner itself is designed to be easily plugged. At one time, the radar was being rapidly switched from one aircraft to another, as there was only one complete functioning radar set. Even from it's initial flights, the mission kit was always designed to be plug and play, so the whole lot can be removed in a few hours. Not as quick as the brochure would have you believe, but still quick enough. The flare launcher is held down by a few bolts and is easily removed and blocked off. Same with the FLIR ball,a few bolts and a cannon plug and a blank goes over the hole. Roller/pallet mover floors already exist for the Casa type and is designed to be a drop-in fit and a control panel and associated wiring is also a dropin fit. The most basic folding seats and parachute static line cable can be fitted in a matter of minutes. Better, airline type seats can be fitted singly or in rows of two or three and they use the existing floor and sidewall mounts. An awful lot of this was thrashed out, back in the days of 250 and the Don got to realise how useful an aircraft the Casa is, compared to the then benchmark of the King Air. Also, by being a tail-loader, the roller floor is less complex than that of an A320 and bigger, as it only needs to move pallets fore and aft,instead of fore, aft and sideways. You can even do away with an electrically operated roller floor and use manual labour to push a pallet on board,via a simple manual roller floor. Fundamentally,it's not that big of a job, which is why I said that it could be incorporated into a C-Check. The floor comes up anyway, for a C check and the ability to get in and lay harnesses speeds up the job. You could certainly turn it around in a month and even do a lot of the removal work in Baldonnel. The value of the mission kit could be used to reduce the cost of conversion.


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