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    Could I ask a few questions on behalf of a lad who is thinking of joining the Army.

    1) is overseas service obligatory
    2) when overseas what contact either way with home/friends is allowed
    3) what is a typical days duty when overseas compared to a days duty at home
    4) does anyone posted overseas ever want to go home before the tour is over and can they

    Is there any where on the site that may have these kind of answers there already.

    Thanks for any replies.

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    Well I can answer 1 and 2:

    1) Yes
    2) Phone, Email and Letters


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      #3: 90% of the time you are just bored, trying to pass the time away and avoid home-sickness. The days are not 9-5 as you can imagine and there is little or no time off. In most cases you do not leave your base except on patrol. There are exceptions to this for short shopping excursions but it's not like you are out socializing at any stage. You do get a week-end or two off during a six month trip and you do get a few weeks leave but for the rest of the time you are pretty much on duty all of the time.

      #4: You are allowed to go home for your leave in most cases and many people do that but it does depend on your posting and how remote the place is. It could be impossible to get a flight home from some places in the world. Also, you could be posted somewhere at a time when the shit hits the fan at your scheduled time to go home....guess what? You may not be able to leave....but the simple answer to your question is that in most cases, it is possible to go home and if there is some kind of emergency in the family they are very accomodating and even detail others to travel with you if you are not in good shape.
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        Thanks for the info

        More questions coming up, but I will leave them for now.

        All the best,