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What really happened that night at a Lebanese checkpoint?

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  • na grohmiti
    Second episode out today, meanwhile Minister in Leb to lay a wreath at the site of their murder. - Minister for Defence Simon Coveney visits Irish troops in UNIFIL (

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  • What really happened that night at a Lebanese checkpoint?

    Not putting this in News, because it happened before most of ye were born. I remember keeping cuttings of the court martial. I'm sure I have them at home somewhere. These days the scumbag who was convicted would probably be standing alongside the other fash numpty from Galway hitched to the "barrister".
    A nasty piece of work. I'm told the INLA only tolerated him because he added to their numbers inside.

    What really happened that night at a Lebanese checkpoint?

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    A three-part podcast from The Irish Times Wed Oct 26 2022 - 05:00
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    Since the 1970s, Irish soldiers have served as UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon, a region where complex conflicts ebb and flow.

    47 Irish soldiers have died there in the line of duty. Tibnin Bridge checkpoint. Photograph: Defence Forces
    But among soldiers who have served in Lebanon, no incident is more notorious than the 1982 killings of Corporal Gregory Morrow, Private Peter Burke and Private Thomas Murphy at Tibnin Bridge, a checkpoint near the Israeli border.

    In part one of a three-part series, Conor Gallagher and Sorcha Pollak tell the story of Tibnin Bridge, with help from those who lived through it

    Tibnin Bridge: The violent death of three Irish peacekeepers – The Irish Times