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    Originally posted by DeV View Post

    Non-ETAC nations can be facilitated by ETAC
    If it is available why do we never use this? I am sure we could get France to be a sponsor.


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      Originally posted by EUFighter View Post

      If it is available why do we never use this? I am sure we could get France to be a sponsor.
      I presume the same reason we barely give a nod to any of the other Europe wide options in the area of defence…


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        German has deployed 3x A400M aircraft to shuttle people from Sudan to Jordan where they board the new A321s for the flight to Berlin. They too are taking other EU citizens.


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          Originally posted by apod View Post

          Not very reliable as it's completely incorrect. Advance party of DFA/DF flew out commercial. Main body flew via Air Corps Aircraft to France. Crossloaded and deploying with French Aircraft to DJibouti. Total uniformed waffle also on Newstalk this morning about the team being unarmed "because they were flying commercial".
          Ah. Good. It seems people confused the ARW team with the DFA team. I read later on, the clarification as you stated.

          As for newstalk... well...
          For now, everything hangs on implementation of the CoDF report.


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            Originally posted by Sparky42 View Post
            I presume the same reason we barely give a nod to any of the other Europe wide options in the area of defence…

            didn’t we recently miss out on some EU funding for thing as Eamon Ryan’s Department didn’t apply (can’t remember what it was for)?

            if it isn’t CAP, H2020, structural funds, social fund or Peace related we aren’t interested

            but yet we are paying for it


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              Originally posted by EUFighter View Post

              While it does not have to be a blank cheque a set of rules/guidelines can be worked out and agreed beforehand. While I am sure that the bureaucrats will need several hundred of pages to define such a guideline in principle it would be:

              §1 Each EUBG will consist of a company sized unit to provide rapid (with 48hrs) security for humanitarian evacuation missions.
              §2 Each EUBG will have direct access to sufficient airlift capacity to enable the transport of the security unit plus its equipment and for the extraction of civilians from the deployment area.
              §3 The maximum length of a mission is to be 7 days from the time the first elements of the security force are deployed.
              §4 The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy is authorised to request a mission to be launched. Any mission must be agreed by the Contributing States within 24 hours of the request.
              §5 The deployment is for the evacuation of EU citizen from a country or area in which it is considered that those citizen would be in mortal danger should they remain.

              I know it would take the bureaucrats many years to come up with something that works but they should still try. For the EU it would be something that could be held up as a benefit of being a member.​
              No one size fits all that’s another issue, big difference between assets required for Sudan compared to Afghanistan.

              Realistically for a Coy sized force at that readiness it is unlikely to be multinational - therefore 1 country (with a small number of languages) taking all the risk

              there is also no country in the EU that would have the aviation assets required


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                Estimated nearly 20,000 people displaced from Sudan in the last week


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                  To put it on a more personal perspective, a friend (Irish) of my wife, is married to a Sudanese man. They had to flee. She got airlifted out by one of our friends with proper airlift and he fled to his original homeplace, away from the fighting. After some time, he managed to get back to check the house in Khartoum, only to find it occupied by a "General" of the rebels so that's lost, with zero prospect of ever getting it back. Their cars were stolen and anything not nailed down has been stolen or smashed up. Their kids are outside Sudan and safe and he has got work outside Sudan. She has been able to work in Ireland. You can only imagine the worry and fear of the entire situation for just one family and they are still not reunited. To put it mildly, they are clinging on. Sudan is a basketcase and it's misery is entirely internally created. I wouldnt send a single Irish soldier there, for love nor money.


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                    Saw a presentation on the UK evacuation (Op POLARBEAR) yesterday; really interesting, the Royal Engineers had a 4 hour window to carry out running repairs to the airfield to enable flights in and out -

                    UK Operation POLARBEAR ~ Wadi Seidna Air Base NEO ~ UPDATED | Joint Forces News (

                    Op POLARBEAR ~ UK Hands Back Wadi Seidna Airfield | Joint Forces News (

                    They had a contracts person run around Cyprus buying up all the ready made asphalt they could, flew it over and got it done. ​
                    'History is a vast early warning system'. Norman Cousins