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    Does anybody know the pay rates for both the enlisted personnel as well as the officers while serving overseas?

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    this was done in another thread lad if the search doesnt throw it up, PM the mods.
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      check PDFORRA web site.
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        Yeah I checked the PDFORRA website and found loads of information. Cheers. But does anyone know anything about the Officers pay rates overseas?


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          Maybe try the RACO website.


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            Originally posted by Parts
            Maybe try the RACO website.
            Yeah I tried the RACO website but still no luck. Looks like it's harder than I thought to find Officer Overseas pay rates. Thanks for the help though!


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              If the Navys overseas pay is anything to go by, I'd say 50 euro extra per day


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                Just doing a little light reading... DF pay is still taxable when serving abroad even if you appear to be non-resident for the year i.e. more than 183 days abroad...

                Originally posted by

                If I am non resident for a particular tax year, how is my employment
                income treated for Irish tax purposes?

                For any tax year during which you are non resident your employment income will be
                exempt from Irish tax provided that all the duties of your employment, are exercised
                abroad. The income ofGovernment employees e.g. civil servants, Gardai and members of
                the Defence Forces, will however remain chargeable to Irish tax regardless of their
                residence status or where the duties of their employment are exercised.

                Although I think you can import goods (e.g. cars) VAT free and possibly VRT free. Goods are shipped to your post and imported back into the country??

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