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    Anyone out there got any general tips on how to improve my standard of marksmanship?

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    Just a question; In the IDF basic infantryman training are you taught to shoot with one eye open or both when using irons or some other type of scope or sight? I know is encouraged here but its practiced by few, I myself naturally keep both my eyes open with the right one focused down the irons.


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      With the steyr, when prone, try to rest your left hand on something or if there is nothing to rest it on lower it on the barrell grip so it is resting on the ground and the barrell grip is being held higher in your hand. This makes it a lot easier to stedy the rifle.

      Bread slowly and easily and hold the breath when you have the target perfectly in your sight until you squeez the trigger.

      As for the eye thing, I was never to keep my left eye closed or open when training with rifles first. I would generally close my left eye though.


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        The Steyr was designed that both eyes could be kept open while shooting. This reduces eyestrain and increases situational awareness.

        General tips:

        Get comfortable before you shoot, you won't shoot your best if your position is uncomfortable.

        Don't take too long trying to get a shot perfect, you only get tired, if the shot isn't looking good, stop, reassess your position & start again.

        Remember to breathe! People tend to hold their breath for far too long while aiming, which increases their pulse, messing up the shot.

        Keep your eyes open while shooting (sizeable amount of people don't!)

        Don't snatch the trigger, a gradual slow trigger pull is better, you should almost be surprised when the trigger breaks.

        Follow through the shot, ie stay aiming at the target for a second or two after firing, this will steady you up, and help indicate if you're flinching.

        Shoot as often as possible, practice makes perfect.


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          Also keep your finger on the trigger for a second or so after the shot (just make sure the alo is down) so you dont jolt the gun by relesing the trigger to quick.


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            Would using a .22 on a rifle range be any use in marksmanship when firing a Steyr or would the calibre differance be too great to make any skills with a .22 useful with a Steyr?


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              I'd say it would be. There are physical differences obviously in different rifles, but the principles of marksmanship* hold true.
              For that matter, air rifles provide good training, and are very cheap to run too.

              *Should this now be markspersonship?


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                With the FN (iron sights) one of the rules of marksmanship was to close the left or disengaged eye. However with the Steyr you are encouraged to keep both eyes open.


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                  the reason I ask about the .22 is because I was thinking of getting one at some stage. Are there any civvie firing ranges ion the Dublin area where you could use it? I am not interesting in running around killing foxes and rabbits, just marksmanship


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                    There are contact details on that site where you can find a club in your area.

                    Probably the Silhouette/Sporting Rifle disciplines are more useful for "practical" type marksmanship.
                    ISSF (traditional target shooting) events are highly formalised (like what you see in the Olympics) and the equipment can be a lot more expensive.


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                      Any idea how much would a good .22 rifle cost?


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                        Yes :D

                        Need more details on what sort you're thinking of, and what you want to use it for to be more specific.


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                          I have only started to think about it. I was thinking of something with a good magnification scope.....I heard a Hornet is supposed to be good (I think it was a Hornet)

                          My uncle has one with a laser in the scope as well....a red dot like something out of Predator!


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                            If you want a 22 rifle for target shooting, you want a .22lr. Anything bigger is more suitable for hunting foxes.

                            CZ rifles are fantastic value for money, and are the most popular rifles across Europe. Should be able to get a new one with a decent scope for less than EUR400.

                   is the place to go to learn about 22 rifles.