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  • Originally posted by na grohmiti View Post
    I'm also lucky to live a short hop from a nearby amenity walk, options are a loop of 2k, 3K or 5k. With 3 dogs to exercise, none of whom will travel together, we have the routes well marked by now.
    Problem I have in the current shutdown is my runners are toast, and feet are starting to suffer. (my spare pair are in the office under my desk) I can't do online purchase of trainers. I have to try before I buy.
    Hopfully shoe shops will reopen soon.
    Could you get the exact same ones online?


    • Nope.


      • Before the lockdown, I used to run into and out work (about 22km a day). Since the lockdown, I've been working from home and I've become lazy - only doing a 12km run in the morning (Mon-Fri).

        During the day, every time I go for tea, I put on the kettle - then do 10 hammer head pull ups, 20 squats, 80 pushups, 40 situps. By then the kettle has boiled, I make my cup of tea and then do a final 10 hammer head pull ups and 20 pushups.

        The problem is that I go for tea at 8, 10, 12, 2, and 4. The easiest solution is to drink less tea