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Why do you train?

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  • Why do you train?

    Thought this may be an interesting topic, to see what people's view is...

    Personally I train for a few different reasons.

    I need to be fit to do my job.
    I play sports, again fitness is an aspect of that.
    I enjoy pushing and testing myself as well as discovering new methods or outlooks on training.
    I wish to excel at everything to do and indeed, reach the upper tier's of my profession through courses etc. again, fitness comes into that.
    As a professional soldier, I hold myself to a higher standard and believe that there's nothing that cannot be done through hard work and preparation. It's an ethos that was drummed into me by my Platoon Sergeant during training and believe it's an ethos to live by.

    So gents, let's be having ya

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    I train to justify my pie addiction.


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      Originally posted by SwiftandSure View Post
      I train to justify my pie addiction.
      Don't we all?


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        I enjoy pushing and testing myself as well as discovering new methods or outlooks on training.
        We definitely share this. There's so much more out there than just playing 5-a-side with the lads for getting fit.


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          3 main reasons. Past motivated, present motivated, and future motivated. To get strength and shape back again, to be a fit f**ker who'll represent myself and my unit well, and in preparation for, someday, a career in the PDF. Simple as.
          Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.


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            To give a fair answer to your question, the reasons I train is to maintain a good standard of fitness for the RDF as well as my general health and well-being. I suppose being ex-BA and naturally competitive I would hate to be letting the side down if I were to be considered among the less fit in my unit. While I'll probably never get back to the physical peak of former glory days in the army; I at least try to keep a reasonable level of fitness if only to reverse the effect that being a lardy desk jockey has on my body.

            I remember seeing a Jamie Oliver show (think it was "Eat to save your life") where he showed the human organs of a healthy body and that of a lard-arse's body. The latter had his organs all compressed into his torso because of the high fat ratio in his body. While I'm no skinny whippet now, after seeing that, I swore I wouldn't let my body damage itself that badly. Another motivation there.

            Oh, and I also train to look good naked!

            ...Although I'm not there yet


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              To maintain my sex god status.