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    Question, where could i get information on the bren, relevant to 3* training and any other information sources available for other aspects would be be both useful and appreciated. I bet many other 2* members of the board are looking for the same thing. Again thanks for the input.

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    This has been asked before, if you use the search function at the top of the page to find previously discussed matters before posting it can be useful.

    Anyway, a very useful site is:

    Original thread:

    Another thread discussing weapons manuals is:


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      Thank u

      sorry about that will do so in the future.


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        More, courtesy of google.


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          You need to get your hands on the official Irish Bren manual - which your training corporals should have.

          The websites are good - but for some reason some of the basic characteristics are different to that listed in the Irish Army manual (e.g. weight unloaded is 19.5lbs , length=42.5") and some of the terminology and partnames used on the websites are different from the official Irish Army names. In fact, different websites are different for both the MkI and MkII.

          If you are going to learn the Bren's characteristics - it is as well to learn them right from the start - cos it will only confuse if you learn first one thing - then another.


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            Originally posted by landmark
            which your training corporals should have.

            your kidding right?
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              This is an issue, the Irish version of the Bren is the MkIII.


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                Originally posted by landmark
                which your training corporals should have.
                They do from where I'm sitting ...
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                  never seen a bren manual foret about it in a years time it will be replased by the gpmgs hopefully in good condiction and youll be able to ask " did you ever fire the bren" you dont need a manual anyhow your ncos should have managed a few handouts during there time, parts and a Ais are all you need can send you the AI s if you want
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                    The bren is easy, becase all ( or most ) parts are big, so it's easy to strip and put back together. it's easy to fire and fun an auto. and as for the nameing of parts and youy should be givein a handout at camp.


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                      It's very hard to get any type of manuals. You should ask senior nco's or officers in your unit ( ones that have been around for ages) and they might have one.


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                        I have a number of Bren Manuals here..any attempts I have made to return them to stores have been met with Laughter.

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                          Same here....nice new shiny manual on my desk......we seem to have more manuals in circulation thean actual bren guns.
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                            Ta an Leamhleabhair Inneal Gunna Eadrom (IGE) agam.

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