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    How's it going

    I have my pt test soon and would just like to ask if any of ye have any tips..

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    Ya I think so medical fitness test etc...


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      No as in a fitness test for entry into the army


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        This is from a special DF magazine that was in the Sunday World about four years ago.

        The physical has 4 parts:

        Body fat test (using a kind of pinch an inch method)

        Flexibilty test (push a ruler along a board from the toes, while sitting up with knees straight)

        Strength test (using a hand grip)

        20 push ups in 1 minute (back & legs straight, females can do it on their knees, legs not held)

        20 sit ups in 1 minute (heels touching the backside, hands beside head, not touching the floor when down, legs not held)

        1.5 mile ROAD run in 11.5 minutes (females - 13 minutes)

        The magazine says the DFSPC recommends a 6 week training programme: (I take no responsibility for injuries etc & this is a quote)

        Weeks 1 - 3 train at least twice a week Warm Up
        10 push ups
        10 sit ups
        2 mile run/walk (alternate)

        Week 4 + 5 train at least twice a week Warm Up
        15 push ups
        15 sit ups
        2 mile run without stopping

        Week 6 train at least three times Warm Up
        20 push ups
        20 sit ups
        2 mile run (fast)

        On the day of the test, it is up to yourself to do a quick warm up and the run will be a road run


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          Thanks a lot


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            legs are held for sit ups


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              Regarding the flexibility test - what does it involve ..its hard to make out?
              You sit with your legs straight out, knees locked...and have to move a ruler? If your not the most flexible, how do you train for this test?


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                The ruler must be pushed as far in front of you as possible along the table. You sit on the ground, with the table at waist level and you push out with your hands and fingers.
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                  Regards etc
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                    OK - thanks - - Do you need to be able to touch your toes ...I'm not that flexible - do you just need to work at it?


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                      Christ i just did 20 push ups, are my shoulders supposed to hurt this much!?? i havent done any sort of push up sit up training in years!! the runnings handy, 1.5 miles in 11 minutes, but thats cos i run A LOT... but im bloody sore after them thar pushups...:(
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                        No pain no gain

                        Disclaimer If you experience pain during exercise then there is a chance you may have injured yourself,or not warmed up correctly..if the pain persists,seek medical advice

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                          Morpheus - the push ups get easier really quickly - if you do them twice a day, you can keep adding another 5 to your set....This is something I found out - remember I'm not a PT instructor!


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                            Point of information for anyone thinking of a cadetship this year, the layout has changed. this year the fitness test is first before any interviews take place, as the DF weren't happy with the amount of people failing them. Tests will be done regionally one place for each brigade.


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                              That does make sense, as it reduces the number of first round interviews. One question. I noticed that the upper age limit advertised in the papers last week was 27, and there was no mention of different upper age limits depending on college or FCA experience. The upper age limit used to be 24 (with all the exemptions) when did this change?