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    There was dicussions before about Corps units doing "Inf" Pot NCOs Course before, not to restart the whole debate again, but...

    The PDF Std NCOs Course, run by the NCO Training Wing (NCOTW) of the Infantry School of the Military College DFTC, works like this:

    Module 1 - Student in Corps Sch for training to fill Sgt vacancy in their corps, varying length, must be done 1st unless you have Director Training's premission, includes physical test

    Module 2 - Students training in skills necessary to all DF Sgts, 6 weeks long, in NCOTW

    Module 3 - Students trained to fill Pln Sgt's role in field/combat, 4 weeks long, in NCOTW

    Generally, Tech students don't do Module 3, they do further training with there own unit, although they have the option. However, Engr Technicians have to do it as their role is Combat Support.

    Failing one module (on compassionate leave, injury, etc) means just that module has to be repeated

    The NCOTW plans to make the Senior NCO Cse modular in the future, in addition seminars are being held to update the training of current SNCOs

    Successful NCOs (who fill other requirements) receive a HETAC Cert in Military Studies

    This would equally work with the RDF, but last years one weekend a month for five months + a weeks camp, in the East, was a lot on top of current requirements

    Would be better running from January, or possiblily over 2 years like the Pot Offr's Cse

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    What way does the PDF Pot NCOs Course work? length, modules, etc