Hi all,

Quick request, Im training to complete the 10km in under one hour - im carrying 16.5kg (i know thats heavier than required, but I prefer to train harder than I need for this).

Currently I simply head out and try to run between 6 and 8km as fast as i can with the backpack

However I remember on the PTL course we were instructed on a method of pacing whereby you do so many seconds walking , then shuffling, then jogging, then running and cycle back.

I cant remember the sequence or the timing

Anyone here know it?

Also any advice on ways to train for this? Im finding the boots complete killers, runners and a pair of civvy combats and im fine, soon as i stick the boots on and try to run my achilles and calves start to ache. I dont have decent boots and tried out the parade boots, however im in the market for a pair of lightweight combat boots and should have a pair shortly which will hopefully help.