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  • New Training Regime

    The launch last week stated that a new training regime would be implemented, to 'enhance the effectiveness' of reserve training.

    Training will be delivered by (in this order)
    1. PDF instructors assigned to the unit,
    2. Other PDF instructors from support unit,
    3. BTC instructors,
    4. RDF training authority instructors and finally,
    5. RDF instructors.

    It just shows what is thought of rdf instructors and their ability across the DF to provide proper training; they're just not rated!

    Here's why: crap basic training, leading to rubbish pots courses and woeful pot officer courses. Maybe a few good weapon courses thrown in.

    Getting the pdf cadre to provide training is not going to change the situation, just lead to less competent instructors over time - a whole change in the way it's approached is needed - anybody know how it's going to be??

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    PDF instructors have been assigned for years. In the two Coy units I was in, both had at least one PDF NCO, allegdly a training NCO.

    The resources are there, in this regard. They're just not being used.
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      The PDF cadre has diminished greatly since your time. Since 1990 i have seen No pdf cadre being replaced,as older members retire. What we are left with may not be the best of people to train the RDF instructors.
      However within the PDF there are many young NCOs who are willing to give their time to the RDF to train reservists,given half the chance.
      Sadly we cannot teach ourselves. We need somebody to teach us. A Basic standard of instructor in all areas should be created. Then all future instructors can be trained from this benchmark.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        you and i know exactly who we are talking about but it's all down to the RDF senior officer's and the cadre staff themselve's, they do not want these motivated young PDF NCO's anywhere near their "charge's" as this will show them up and really show the need to as you say set a benchmark.

        we get a lot of RDF junior NCO's and PTE's coming on here and saying they are as good as their PDF counterpart's, but what do they have to hold them up ageinst...cadre, and as you said these are not being replaced or have been in place too loong, i am not ageinst cadre, some , i would call mate's but familiarity doe's bread contempt, especially when the RDF officer's see that their piss up on camp is going to be ruined by further training....with the men on the ground and not around the coffee table in the mess.

        training is what it say's on the, bring in the young motivated NCO's and let them rub off on their counterpart's in the RDF, a unit cannot depend on individuals enthusiasm, let member's see what it is like to work as a team, too many people are coming on here and passing stupid comment's about how good they and their unit's are, let them work together with good current training with uptodate sylybus, go on the ground and work without stopping for a coffe break,

        rant over,

        keep safe.


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          Here's a solution that can work. I'm an instructor here in the US in the ARNG - we are certified by the Active Army. Our training materials come from the Active Army and they sporadically drop by - to ensure we are teaching to standard. Each instructor has to be reviewed several times a year and must meet physical requirements in order to teach.

          Am I as good as Active instructors? - I'm not arrogant enough to make that claim, but we are considered good enough deploy instructors overseas to train our allies and also train soldiers who are Iraq bound.

          They DF needs to create a few regional reserve training centers and manage them.
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            19th and 20th SF groups (NG) are constantly going overseas on FID missions, some have even been activated to be cadre at the USAJFKSWC( now THATS an abbreviation!)
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              What we need is for every course in the RDF to be run along the same lines as the 154. With a standard training module,with only one appointing body. Only then will any military qualification within the RDF be accepted by the PDF.
              As it stands,if you have a 154,you are accepted as a driver. Nobody cares if you wear a green beret or black one.

              Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                That's it exactly, oh benevolent one! I think it all starts and stops with one standard being applied across the board, from fitness to TOET to levels of knowledge. It will take some people longer to attain than others, but it's the mark to aim for.

                ARNG - good point, a training authority is being set up, with brigade level RDF sections- that should bring an increase in standards. How do they (active army) certify?? Are thre tests, or just check in on training?

                JBP - I have to disagree with you, 'they do not want these motivated young PDF NCO's anywhere near their "charge's" as this will show them up and really show the need to, as you say, set a benchmark.' Most officers coming up seem to me to be very eager to get the most up to date knowledge they can, and improve all the time. You're talking about an older type, who will be gone soon anyway!


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                  Got to agree with jpb and spiderman. There are a lot of ex rdf personell who are now pdf ncos who would love a chance to give something back to the organisation that gave them there start.
                  When you join the pdf and see the difference in training and how easy this would be to pass that on to the rdf its sad. The cadre staff are there too long. They are not up to date on the newest ways of doing things and spend most of their time doing admin.

                  Young pdf ncos should be attached to rdf units on short postings to bring them up to standard. It would be great for us too as a way of keeping interest in the job. A change is as good as a rest.

                  Finally, any time I have instructed rdf personnel I have found them more receptive to instruction. This is probably because its not a job to them.


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                    Damn right! People who turn up for voluntary training are self-selecting and therefore more motivated than if they HAD to do it.

                    Now that the decks are cleared of 70's style instructors in most units, hopefully we can get people like you to bring (some of us) up to scratch!

                    c ya


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                      You're talking about an older type, who will be gone soon anyway!

                      Dunno about that, there still seem to be an awful lot of them going to camp and taking up the important post's, like overseeing training and the like, no interest, don't show up on most training event's but they are the bees knees when they get to camp...or the mess, and that goes for a lot of senior NCO's and their buddies regardless of rank.

                      It is this detritus that has to be cut away to leave the path open for those that as you say are self selective and's great to have motivation but you need a direction for this motivation and as goldie say's, a benchmark and I am sure all who have posted here will agree the way to go is to bring young blood from the PDF in on short term posting's...this will also give them a benchmark to achieve as they are not going to send just any NCO but the one's who stand out,

                      keep safe.

                      ps : you would not want barry training you as he was never any fun on the piss :D :D


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                        An RDF nco is akin to a photocopy of a photocopy ............ distortion and fuzzing occurs.

                        Laserjets required.

                        Whats the delay?

                        Regards etc
                        Support the Search Function.


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                          Like I said a long time ago, one qual for Sgt and CS rank in PDF = 1 year tour in an RDF unit. (for each promotion )
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                          "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                            sounds like we know each other jpb.if you are who i think you are than we were never on the piss together.
                            easy to make personal swipes when you hide behind a pseudonymn.
                            anyway as it was debated in a recent thread people should be going on camp to train not too treat it as a cheap way of going on the piss.
                            send me a pm if we know each other.:p


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                              We went on camp this year with the 11th field medics. They were running the week of joint training, we were told, by them at the start of the camp that it would be 51% work 49% fun. It was a f*cking joke. Didnt enjoy it as much as I would have if it had of been hard. But maybe that was because I was just off the pots...

                              And people wonder why the Reserve is still not up to scratch?
                              If your not in bed by 4 o' clock it's time to go home!