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    Anyone know the nutritional content of each item in the ration pack?
    I have a presentation tomorrow.please help.

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    There are 5 different menus in the ration packs.


    Menu C
    The ration pack is designed to provide max energy. All supplementary items of the ration pack are sugar filled which allows the soldier to perform their duties even when suffering from fatigue. Recently plasters & soothing foot powder with tea tree and antiseptic cream were added to the ration packs. There are three meals included in the standard 24 hour ration pack. Breakfast, which consists of a small packet of cereal. Lunch a pre cooked packet of bacon beans. Dinner, again a pre cooked packet of chicken curry. The pre cooker packets are designed so they can be eaten cold. So there would be no need to light up a hexi-cooker, depending on the situation. They are also designed so you don’t need a mess tin. You can simply place the packet on the hexi-cooker and heat up the meal.

    The supplementary food items are:
    Hard boiled sweets,
    Tin of pineapples or fruit cocktail, which can be used as a cup for tea after use, and also sweetens the tea because of the sugar content of the syrup which is left in the tin.
    Hot cup - oxtail soup
    Kendal mint cake - very high sugar, also makes the mouth produce a lot of saliva
    Jam for the biscuits
    Chocolate bar - Normally a nut bar, because of high energy from nuts. But being replaced with non nut bars. I think because of the amount of people with allergic reactions.
    Tea bags, coffee, hot chocolate.
    Salt & pepper
    Sugar, powered milk
    Powdered Isotonic drink - similar to lucozade
    2 packet of green foil covered biscuits.
    1 packet of fruit biscuits.

    Other items included are:
    Scouring pad for cleaning mess tins
    Non-alcoholic cleaning pads
    Packet of tissue
    Waterproof matches

    The ration pack is water resistant, it comes in a bag. All the items which could be damages/soiled by water. Such as teabags, bars of chocolate, tissue, coffee etc come in a zip lock bag. If you are being fed out on the ground from hot locks, and you have a ration pack also. You can use the bag from the ration pack, put it over your mess tin, and put the food in the mess tin. When you are finished take off the bag and you have a clean mess tin. You can also use the bag if you should have to use the toilets. Put your mess into the bag seal it and bury it.

    In relation to nutritional information of the items in the ration pack, well that will change with every different menu. The only point to consider is that all the food in the ration pack is designed to be eaten cold; all the food requires little or no water for cooking. All provides sugar to allow the soldier to work while tired. All nutritional requirements for a soldier to perform his/her duties for 24 hours are provided by the ration pack.
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      What about A, B, D and E
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        I dont know. I have a C ratoin pack at home for training purposes so thats how I know whats in it.

        The only difference is the rest is the lunch and dinner meal.
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          Thanks a Million lads.once again you save my ass.Keep the info comming, there was a mistake on the timetable so I'm not up until next week so any other posts would be much appreciated!Cheers


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            The choices are Beef Cassarole, Chicken Curry, Sweet & Sour Pork and Irish Stew.
            The Irish Stew and Beef Cassarole come with Sausage & Beans for Brekkie and no cereal. The other 2 come with Bacon Beans and Muesli.

            E is supposed to be a vegetarian option of Veggie Lasagne but I've never seen it and it is impossible to get.


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              avoid the boiled sweets as they use up a lot of the bodies water during their digestion. if you can get an extra bar or two of the mind cake the better as it uses less of your bodies water and gives a better energy kick
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                Originally posted by Docman
                The choices are Beef Cassarole, Chicken Curry, Sweet & Sour Pork and Irish Stew.
                Anyone know if it is possible to buy these meals (in flat tinslike these) anywhere cos they would be handy for camping, hillwalking etc...?
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                  If you need any info like that , just ring the people in the DFSC ( Defence Forces School of Catering)
                  they are usually helpful
                  for that matter do you people in the RDF know about the excellent library in the Military College DFTC, there is another good source of info and the staff are really friendly and ultra professional,
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                    Yeah, perhaps but I bet they wouldn't let us in.


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                      Originally posted by bulldemboots!
                      Anyone know if it is possible to buy these meals (in flat tinslike these) anywhere cos they would be handy for camping, hillwalking etc...?

                      These guys used to sell Irish Army Ration packs (You have to specify Irish Army or you could get another type). Don't know if they still do. Long way to go for a ration pack though. But you can find ration type meals in most of the Dublin Surplus and camping stores


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                        The main Meal is made by Swissco in Cork. I am sure if you contacted them about it they could point you in the right direction.

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                          Another interesting feature of the ration pack: in its current guise, it generates close to 200 individual pieces of litter.


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                            Ehhhh Kendal mint cake uses a vast amount of fluid far more than the boiled sweets
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