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    Can anyone give me any tips for writing lesson plans for the likes of map reading or tactics?

    Since finishing the POTS course I have become proficient in writing AD, FD, RM, LMG lessons. However, when I went to write a tactics lesson plan I came up against a brick wall. Unlike the Steyr manual, TM201 isnt broken down into different lessons.

    The same is true for map reading & field craft & fire control. Can anybody who has written lesson plans for these subjects give me any pointers? Would it be fair to assume that each chapter is a different lesson?
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    The fieldcraft & fire control plan is broken up into lessons, although it isn't layed out as well as the weapons manuals.

    Map reading lessons very much depend on the lesson you are teaching, check your training programme and then consult the manual. There are useful guidelines in the manual for a map reading training programme.


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      I Find It Much Easier To Bring Map Reading Lectures Outside Its Gets The Troops To Releate Whats On The Ground To Whats On The Map If Your Stuck In Barracks Try And Get Map Of Barracks Also To Give Them Confidence In Walking On Bearings Get Them To Place Their Surival Bag Over Them So All They Can See Is The Compass (also The Ground At Their Feet So They Wont Trip) I Hope This Helps!