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US Soldier Explains Why He Uses a Rifle Stock to Shoot Photographs

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  • US Soldier Explains Why He Uses a Rifle Stock to Shoot Photographs

    When we recently posted a Vietnam-era Bolex camera with a rifle stock attached, we thought the concept was a little nuts. Then Army Reserve Staff Sgt. and wartime photographer Jeffrey Duran set us straight.

    Pointing a long lens mounted on a stock is indeed a recipe for getting shot if you're not careful. In fact in training at Fort McCoy, Wi., I was "shot" by Soldiers on practice missions.

    I was not where they expected me to be... i.e. mixed in with the opposition who happened to be shooting at them at the time. Thus, I was "shot" at with blanks during the training even though I was in uniform. They *saw* what they assumed was a rifle in an area where bad guys were shooting at them..
    Links to 2 flicker albums at the end of 2 Para and The Afgan National Army

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    I have a dim memory of a photographer being shot somewhere[Norn iron?] while using a Zenith photosniper mounted camera.
    The bullet passed thru the camera and hit him below the eye..................
    "We will hold out until our last bullet is spent. Could do with some whiskey"
    Radio transmission, siege of Jadotville DR Congo. September 1961.
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