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Canada's new fleet: CC-130J

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    Originally posted by RoyalGreenJacket View Post
    are these the Herc's with full HUD's and all that lovely stuff Jungle?

    The new CC-130J has an enhanced cargo handling system and a two-person, state-of-the-art flight station that includes four multifunctional LCD displays; two holographic head-up displays (HUD); and electronic, digital readouts for aircraft flight controls and operating and navigating systems. Defence systems include a missile warning and countermeasures dispensing system and radar warning receiver.
    Source: Government of Canada Proud to Deliver New Generation of CC-130J Hercules to the Canadian Forces

    Originally posted by RoyalGreenJacket View Post
    by the way i like the default Canada logo you guys put on everything - including me when i was in Canada (I had a Red Maple Leaf and 'Canada 90' tattooed on my arm in Edmonton!)!
    I like the logo too; I think this is something pretty unique on military AC. You can find it on just about everything that belongs to the federal govt.

    You must be proud of that particular tatoo !!

    Have a good one !!
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