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new Machine Gun for British Door Gunners

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  • new Machine Gun for British Door Gunners

    Crews in the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) have got their hands on a new and improved door gun ahead of 16 Air Assault Brigade's deployment to Afghanistan in October.

    "The M3M is able to put down a higher rate of fire than the general purpose machine gun [GPMG], and, being .50-calibre instead of 7.62 [mm], each round obviously has greater effect.

    "The rounds have much greater energy so not only do they travel further but their flight path is affected much less by gravity; this means the gunner can lay down rounds accurately from a safe range or altitude."

    Aircraft can now be armed with either the 7.62mm general purpose machine gun or the M3M, the latter only having recently been fully cleared for operational duties with the CHF.

    read more here: www - new Helicopter Machine Gun

    i saw this being tested in Wales recently and it's very impressive.

    excellent kit and a welcome addition to any helicopter on the battlefield.

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    Why not call it what it is? .5 / HMG


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      M3M is the name of the whole new weapon system, comprising a .50cal MG, pintle mount, sight system and ammo feeds with a very high rate of fire (950-1100 RPM).

      it's more than just a .50cal.

      "The recoil buffered, open-bolt design of the FN M3M offers a blistering rate of fire while minimizing the danger of ammunition cook-off in the chamber. Operating without the need for electrical or hydraulic power, the M3M is a fully integrated .50 caliber weapon system consisting of the gun, the soft mount pintle and the cradle used to mount the weapon into a specific vehicle, aircraft or naval craft. The M3M’s cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel has a hard-chromed bore for a useful service life in excess of 10,000 rounds, plus a perforated jacket for improved cooling and an enhanced flash hider to reduce firing signature and increase compatibility with current night vision equipment. The M3M offers vibration-isolated grips and the mount provides a full range of elevation and traverse movement for wider target coverage. "

      source: FNHerstal
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        2 words RGJ

        Gu Chi,

        Why not call it what it is? .5 / HMG

        Why dont we call the steyr - the 5.56
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          Where can I get one for the sliding door of my train?
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          'Unselfishly so we might have today!'
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            Originally posted by DeV View Post
            Why not call it what it is? .5 / HMG
            Because unlike the Irish military which tends to have a very colloquial attitude to weapons designations, other countries usually use a designator to determine what they're talking about. For example, what the Irish may call the .5 HMG, most of the rest of the world will call the M2 Heavy Barrel. It helps to distinguish it from all the other types of .5HMGs they are able to afford.

            M3M is apparently an FN designator. In US service, we call it the GAU-21 (Air Force bought it first, so they get naming rights). From watching video footage it appears to have a notably different firing mechanism to the M2 series (Barrel is fixed).

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              The PC-9s have the same type of barrel on their 12.7s.