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Female Medic awarded Military Cross

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  • Female Medic awarded Military Cross

    Following an attack by suicide bombers in December 2009, L/Cpl Sarah Bushbye gave medical care to injured British and Afghan comrades.

    Her professionalism and courage were described as "extraordinary".

    L/Cpl Bushbye's citation told how she ignored the risk of sharpshooters and Improvised Explosive Devices to cross 500m of open valley to reach injured colleagues including Riflemen from 3RIFLES.

    L/Cpl Sarah Bushbye, 25, is only the third British Army woman to be awarded the honour. She received it earlier during a ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

    Her composure and clear direction was said to have calmed the shaken men, as she moved between the casualties, and administered resuscitation to one soldier who had stopped breathing.

    Once a rescue Chinook landed it became the target of small arms fire, but she continued to cross between it and the checkpoint, working to keep the men alive and giving a handover to each of the medics on board.

    The citation concluded: "Her professionalism, selfless courage and conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy while under fire were extraordinary, given her rank and experience."

    Read more and see her interview here:

    well done girl, we are all very proud of you.

    ...Once a Rifleman - Always a Rifleman... Celer et Audax

    The Rifles

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    Way to go Sarah.

    In Arduis Fidelis.


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      Is she one of yours rod? Fantastic to see the work recognised.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        fair play to her!


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          Nice job.
          There may be only one time in your life when your country will call upon you and you will be the only one who can do the nasty job that has to be done -- do it or forever after there will be the taste of ashes in your mouth.


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            she deserves a bit of promotion after that and is an example of the human nature of survival


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              Originally posted by golden rivet View Post
              she deserves a bit of promotion after that and is an example of the human nature of survival
              look on her arm mate - she already has been promoted.

              she is referred to in this instance in the rank she held at the time of the event resulting in the award.

              she was a Lance Corporal when it happened - now she is a Corporal.

              she has proven her worth in combat and it has been rewarded in more ways than one.

              i'm with a Serjeant from 3RIFLES here in Canada and he also speaks very highly of Sarah.

              she is a credit to the Royal Army Medical Corps, the British Army and her family.

              well done.

              ...Once a Rifleman - Always a Rifleman... Celer et Audax

              The Rifles


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                Well done!
                "Everyone's for a free Tibet, but no one's for freeing Tibet." -Mark Steyn. What an IMO-centric quote, eh?


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                  Fair play to her. Well deserved award and promotion.


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                    Well done that girl - In Arduis Fidelis.
                    'He died who loved to live,' they'll say,
                    'Unselfishly so we might have today!'
                    Like hell! He fought because he had to fight;
                    He died that's all. It was his unlucky night.