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US Marine Recon : Surviving the cut

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  • US Marine Recon : Surviving the cut

    Some of their selection looks very challenging, especially swimming tests and the three mile forced march through CS gas carrying a 200lb dummy and kit in video 3, good programme.

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    Posted that already

    EDIT: Not entirely sure if all the links are still working though
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      yes it's tough, but they accept soldiers straight out of training and 50% pass.

      good stuff though.

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        Yeah, Ive quite a few videos of US special forces selection, their selection, inc green berets, seals, seems to be about physical tests and team work, but not so much emphasis on the ability to find solutions to problems on your own, which is more significant in SAS/SBS selection. Most fail SAS selection on navigation on solo loaded marches,in fog, featureless terrain etc. Grid references are only told once and must be remembered, pretty challenging under extreme fatigue.

        I think with motivation people can come up to the physical level (compared to stuff some civilians do the difficulty of the physical side of SF selection is exaggerated), but thinking under time and pressure are the hardest trials of all.
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