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  • Fao barry admin

    Barry you dishonest wankstain.

    Who closes threads and tell lies.

    If you mouthed off to me like that in real life I would rip your head off and shove it up your ass.

    Now ban me from your forum you ****ing fat wanker.

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    I have banned Vanguard for the above
    "Fellow-soldiers of the Irish Republican Army, I have just received a communication from Commandant Pearse calling on us to surrender and you will agree with me that this is the hardest task we have been called upon to perform during this eventful week, but we came into this fight for Irish Independence in obedience to the commands of our higher officers and now in obedience to their wishes we must surrender. I know you would, like myself, prefer to be with our comrades who have already fallen in the fight - we, too, should rather die in this glorious struggle than submit to the enemy." Volunteer Captain Patrick Holahan to 58 of his men at North Brunswick Street, the last group of the Four Courts Garrison to surrender, Sunday 30 April 1916.