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    In keeping with the recent threads on rations, here's an instructional video on the preparation of coffee in a combat zone (beware of language) with some useful information about Canadian Individual Meal Packs:

    "On the plains of hesitation, bleach the bones of countless millions, who on the very dawn of victory, laid down to rest, and in resting died.

    Never give up!!"

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    That is f**king epic!


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      F***ing Hilarious!Now all we need is those heaters in ALL our ORPs and we are sorted! Starbucks in Kilworth!
      "Let us be clear about three facts. First, all battles and all wars are won in the end by the infantryman. Secondly, the infantryman always bears the brunt. His casualties are heavier, he suffers greater extremes of discomfort and fatigue than the other arms. Thirdly, the art of the infantryman is less stereotyped and far harder to acquire in modern war than that of any other arm." ------- Field Marshall Wavell, April 1945.


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        brilliant, but i can't believe there are Canadians more than a mile from a Tim Hortons at any moment in time!

        i guess desperate men do desperate things

        great vid Jungle.

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          "And welcome back, to making f***ing coffee in the dessert.............IT'S F***ING HOTTTTT!!!!"
          Don't stand there GAWPING, like you've never seen the hand of God BEFORE!!


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            Originally posted by paul View Post
            coffee in the dessert

            Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead


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              I'm dyslexic, spell check doesn't help stupidity.......
              Don't stand there GAWPING, like you've never seen the hand of God BEFORE!!


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                If you can..why not...I would have settled for it black...
                Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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                  That's almost too subtle but on the other hand third row down second from the left does it for me.
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                    That was fcuking awsome hot fcuking coffee in the desert starbucks eat your heart out

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                      I guess they did close that coffee bar at HQ ISAF then?
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